Robobrew Jacket

RoboJacket 35L

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Keep your Robobrew warm this winter with your very own RoboJacket so you can heat up your strike water or get to boil faster and help maintain a stable mash temperature in all climates. Suits both Robobrew V1 (without Pump) and V2 with Pump 35L Robobrew models. Made from super thick 7mm neoprene. The RoboJacket makes a significant difference when comparing the efficiency of the Robobrew units and it is a jacket that will pay itself off in energy saving so it is a good very good option to add to your new or existing Robobrew
  • 10% faster heat up time, 50% less heat loss from the boiler.
  • Significantly reduces heat loss
  • Improves mash temperature efficiency
  • Easy to clean
  • Saves energy! Reduces your power consumption which leave more $$ for brewing happy!
The 35 Litre Robojacket size will both Robobrew 35L with pump and earlier versions of Robobrew without a Pump. The RoboJacket is made from thick neoprene which is easy to hose down after use. What are you waiting for? Time to tuck your Robobrew into bed in a cosy new RoboJacket and get even greater control over your strike, mash, sparge and boil temperatures and save energy! Who wouldn't want their very own RobotJacket?