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Crown Industries Strainer fits Heavy Duty 30 Litre and 40 Litre Crown Urns and sits over your concealed or unconcealed element to keep your brew in the bag clear of the element and prevent burn on or holes in your Brew Bag. Crown Industries Strainer is made of Stainless Steel right here in Melbourne, Australia and backed by the manufacturer 2 year warranty. Easy to use and clean and a great accessory to help protect your element and lift your grain off the bed of your Crown Urn if you are using your Urn as a Kettle and Mash Tun combined as many do for a Brew in a Bag all grain homebrew. We have used this accessory for countless brews and it scrubs up clean as a daisy with a little PBW in the kettle or a simple boil with a half a lemon and some hot water in the urn after a busy all grain brew day! Highly recommended accessory for all grain brew in a bag use with your Crown Heavy Duty Hot Water Urn 40 Litre Concealed Element