Fathers Day 2019 - Brewers Brunch at Fury and Son Brewing Company

Fathers Day 2019 - Brewers Brunch at Fury and Son Brewing Company

Dermott DowlingAug 21, '19

Following up on a successful event last year that donated over $1000 for the Men’s Shed, Fury and Son Brewing Company are again hosting a Father’s Day beer brunch on the 1st of September to raise funds for this fantastic cause.

With support from BeerCo.com.au and The D’s Souvlaki a three-course meal with accompanying beers will be on offer. This is an event not to be missed with a good cause close to every father’s heart.

Fury and Son have reached back to the beginnings of large-scale commercial brewing and blended together a modern take on a traditional porter. Blended Porter beers were popular in 18th century London with the labourers that worked the rivers and streets of the town ferrying goods back and forth. An essential aspect of these traditional Porters was the blending of new and aged beers both made using heritage ale and brown malt.

Fury and Son have used the finest Crisp Heritage Chevallier Ale and Specialty Malt provided by BeerCo.com.au and taken inspiration from last century’s traditional London Porter style. Blending freshly brewed (new) and Brettanomyces Barrel Aged (old) beer, the brewers have created their own modern version of the Original Melbourne Porters enjoyed in the late 1800s during Gold Rush times.

Accompanying the reimagined Old Melbourne Porter of yesteryear are a couple of very recent additions to the modern craft brewing. Firstly, a Bergamot infused XPA, hop forward with a light body and a delicious citrus twist, and secondly, a Catharina Sour (a Brazilian kettle-soured fruit beer) that is chock a block full of passionfruit and guava.

The D’s have been pumping out delicious souvlakis at the brewery for the last 3 months and are going to step up their offering for the day into a 3-course, Italian inspired feast. Kids, vegetarian and non-drinking options will all be available.

Tickets are now available for purchase online: www.trybooking.com/BEOFR

So, what are you waiting for? Give the gift Dad really deserves this Father's Day 2019! A Brewer's Brunch at Fury and Son Brewing Co!