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BeerCo Bextracts™ are true to type and nature natural SuperCritical C02 Flavours and Functional Extracts.  Manufactured locally in Victoria, Australia using state of the art equipment and the best local and internationally sourced ingredients.

Bextracts™ are used primarily in the beverage industry and open new possibilities for innovation and creativity for Craft Brewers and Distillers in both alcohol and no-lo alcohol beverages.

What makes Bextracts™ better and different to traditional flavours in the market?

  • Supercritical ™ carbon dioxide extraction

The Supercritical ™ carbon dioxide extraction process typically runs at 20 degrees celsius. The absence of heat or organic solvents result in remarkably fresh, complex, “true to type” flavours.

“CO2 is the supercritical solvent of choice in the extraction of flavour and fragrance compounds, since it is an odourless, colourless, highly pure, safe, cost effective, nontoxic, non-flammable and recyclable”

BeerCo Bextracts™ are available in a wide variety of native and international flavours and we work with our supply partners and manufacturing partner to procure only the highest quality raw materials for Bextracts™.  Reach out to us if you would like a sample or have a specific Bextract™ flavour request at