How to Brew a Hard Ginger BEER easy with Buderim Ginger Beer Compound

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Enzymes in Distilling | novonesis

Jan Kristensen, PhD from novonesis presentation to the Australian Distillers Conference 2024 titled Enzymes in Distilling: Intro to novonesis (novozymes and chr hansen merger) Enzymes – what are they? Enzymes as catalysts. Enzyme activity. Enzyme production. Starch and feedstocks. Raw materials for Distilling. Starch to ethanol. Gelatinisation of starch to dextrins Viscosity reduction Dextrin conversion to fermentable sugar Starch accessibility and viscosity reduction Liquefaction and filtration Types of enzymes widely used in Distilling and their applications Liquoflow Go 2X | Benzyme LF heat-stable alpha amylase Saczyme Go 2X | Benzyme TG Thermostable Glucoamylase Viscoferm | Benzyme VF Viscosity Fermentation Blend Summary and Q&A

How to premix a Hard Lemonade like a Pro!

Does this story sound familiar to you? Do you feel like you have seen this movie before? Once upon a time, in the merry land of booze, downunder, back in '93, a jolly publican and entrepreneurial small brewery owner from South Australia named Duncan MacGillivray took some excess lemons from a local orchardist and brewed up a fizzy elixir called Two Dogs Lemon Brew! The OG Aussie Two Dogs Lemon Brew, took off faster than a Kelpie, becoming a global sensation faster than you can say "cheers!"  Two Dogs Hard Lemonade, born and bred Down Under, paved the bubbly path for other zesty Hard Lemonades like Hooper's Hooch in the UK and Mike's Hard Lemonade in Canada and the good ol' USA. Nowadays, you will not find the OG Aussie Two Dogs Lemon Brew in any fridges across this vaste landscape of Terra Australis.  However, in the past 12 months Hard Lemonade has returned back from the depths of oblivion to quench the thirst of merry drinkers Down Under!  Is it the same stuff in a different can? Let's explore this category some more and understand how you too can premix a fizzy Hard Lemonade for your drinkers to enjoy responsibly! 🍋

How to premix a Hard Ginger Beer like a Pro!

Previously, we shared a blog post How to naturally Brew a Hard Ginger Beer like a Pro! and now its time to share another way to premix a Hard Ginger Beer like a Pro! There are obvious advantages to premixing an ethanol based Hard Ginger Beer or RTD which makes this an option worthy of your consideration. Firstly, the time it takes to premix an ethanol based RTD saves valuable craft brewery or distillery operating expenses and infrastructure including fermentation tank time and energy costs.  Many craft distilleries also do not have any or sufficient fermentation space to naturally Brew a Hard Ginger Beer.