How to naturally Brew a Hard Ginger Beer like a Pro!

Dermott DowlingFeb 27, '24

How to naturally Brew 1,000 Litres of Hard Ginger Beer for the Craft Brewer and be classified as a beer according to the ATO Excise Tax rules. Here we share some learning to date working with Craft Brewers on how to naturally brew a clean clear hard seltzer beer base and then infuse and flavour with Ginger Juice, Flavour and Extract for a clean and crisp and refreshing hard Ginger Beer tang and taste! cheers #GoGinger #naturallyBrewed #GingerBeer #enjoyresponsibly

How Raw Agave Syrup became a Millennial Treasure of Mexican Culture

Dermott DowlingJan 9, '24

Here we explore one of Mexico's best known natural resources and exports - Agave Since the dawn of time humanity has looked for natural sources of sweetness for foods and beverages.  Organic Raw Agave Syrup is hydrolized at low temperatures preserving the nutritional integrity of the fructans as well as all the distinct characteristics that are present in the core of the agave, giving rise to a rich and tasty syrup. One of the beverages Raw Blue Agave is synonomous with is Tequila.

Days of Dunder and What the Muck?

Dermott DowlingNov 30, '23

For the second in our series of exploring the art and craft of Molasses Rum we thought it would be appropriate to dive deep into Jamaican rum which is renowned worldwide for its powerful, easily identifiable pungent fruitiness, often described as hogo or funk. This unique character is largely attributed to two mysterious elements in its production process: dunder and muck.

How to Make 1,000 Litres of Molasses Rum Wash the Easy Way!

Dermott DowlingOct 24, '23

The Australian sugar industry produces raw and refined sugar from sugarcane.  A natural byproduct of the sugar making process is molasses.  Molasses is a blend of sugar, cane solids, and some water.  Here we will share a basic introduction and guide to make 1,000 litres of Rum Wash from Molasses.  We will detail two different processes that will help you decide which way best suits your distillery equipment and set up and outline all the ingredients and some essential equipment for you to make a Molasses Rum the easy way! cheers #distilsafely always