Gladfield Malt

Born and raised in Dunsandel, Canterbury, Doug Michael is a fifth generation barley grower, and together with his wife Gabi, they are proudly raising the sixth.

Gladfield Malt is a proudly independent family owned company making arguably the world’s best pure malt. In addition to owning one of the most modern malt roasters in Australasia, Gladfield Malt is also home to an on-site laboratory, and a smoker to create unique malts for whisky distillers.

Gladfield Malt works with 100+ other growers around the Canterbury region of New Zealand to procure consistent, high quality malting barley, wheat and rye to give you the brewer and distiller their best malt possible.

Gladfield Malt produces 33 premium quality craft malts including a host of special LIMITED RELEASE specialty malts. has been proudly selling Gladfield Malt since inception in 2013.

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