FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Here is where we share some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and FAA (Frequently Asked Answers)

Local Pickups:

Question: Is it possible to do a local pickup from BeerCo.com.au?

Answer: No, sorry, NO LOCAL PICKUPS during #CoVid19 #Lockdown for YOUR health and safety and the health and safety of our co-workers.  Please note we do LOW FLAT RATE FAST SHIPPING $9.95 inc GST for all VIC Customers and $14.95 inc GST for ACT/NSW and SA Customers.  You have no need to come and see us so please do the right thing and SAVE Valuable Brewing Time by Shopping Online and Staying at Home during #CoVid19 #Lockdown

Additional items to a completed order:

Question: I have placed an order and now I need to add a few items to my order.  How do I do that?
Answer: Shopify, locks orders for editing once completed.  You will need to place another order with us and put in the notes fields "merge with Order # XYZ".  Please try and make sure you add all the items into the cart you need first time around before checkout.  If you do forge to add something drop us a line anytime 247 365 days of the year to Service@BeerCo.com.au or give us a call ASAP on +61 490 501 392 during opening hours and we will see what we can do to assist you with your "merge with Order # XYZ".

Malt - Milled or Unmilled?

Question: Do you offer Milling as a service on all orders for Malt? If not, why not? Can I email you my recipe and you mill it for me?

Answer: All our Malt is sold UNMILLED to give you good value and keep it as Fresh and Friable as possible for you!  We serve 100s of customers every month and Milling is a cost to us and you if we offer a bespoke service to Mill custom recipes.  Our desire to give you good value and excellent service means we cannot offer bespoke Milling services.  We do sell Mills should you like to Mill your own at Home and Mill and Brew like a Pro!

If you do not have a Mill at home and would like to buy MILLED malt please head over to our BeerCo All-Grain Recipe Kits collection where you can select a MILLED or UNMILLED All Grain Recipe Kit option.  With over 40+ BeerCo All-Grain Recipe Kits with all the Malt + Hops + Yeast you need to Brew Happy and Brew like a Pro! There is an option for everyone.


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