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You guys are bloody amazing. Order yesterday and it's safely in the brewery ready to go. Love your work.

Jeremy - Frenchs Forest, NSW 2086, 20 Nov 2018

I can't thank you guys enough for your service. I was so excited to do my first all grain brew and between me placing my order and receiving the product no excitement was lost! Your service was so fast!!! I am super pleased with the service, the quality of the products and the price. Consider me a regular from now on!

Lenon – Preston, VIC 3072, 5 Nov 2018

BeerCo have surpassed all my expectations – fantastic selection, outstanding customer care and lightning postage, everything a brewer would want from an online supplier. I was truly shocked when I ordered one day, and my goods arrived the next day; absolutely incredible. Dermott has been very helpful when I have added items to my order and saved me when I have run out of supplies (bad planning on my behalf). Thanks Team, you have a new fan!

Josh - Stirling ACT 2611, AU 17 Oct 2018

I felt compelled to say thanks again after receiving my delivery this afternoon.  First impressions are so important, I'm sure you know. I've worked in customer service myself & I really appreciate when it's done right. I just want to congratulate you both on a job well done!
You can count on further orders from me in future & I'll be sure to leave a review along the same lines as this, but just wanted to let you know personally as well.
Thanks again,

Pat - Braybrook VIC 3019, Au, 14 Sep 2018

I am loving the work you guys do, I brew 65 litre batches of beer and the ability to buy the ingredients in larger quantities (especially the hops) makes my life so much easier! Based in Adelaide, the kind and professional service you provide pushes me to use you more and more, to the point now you are my main provider!Thank you for your amazing service and keep up the good work! Brad

Brad - Holden Hill, SA 5088, AU, 10 Sep 2018

I found Beerco in an online search for a particular malt product and was surprised at their great range of malts, yeasts and hops, as well as some really great-looking all-grain recipes, very impressive. I also read about their philosophy and vision for the Beerco business and was really impressed, this is the type of company we need for us home craft beer brewers. They share our passion and excitement, and have really tremendous customer service. They have made a long-term customer out of me from my first transactions, outstanding.

Ray - Bar Beach, NSW 2300, AU 7 Sep 2018

The order was here in no time and your prices are excellent.  The other thing I really like about your hops is I know where they are from and the year they were grown, i know I am getting fresh product, which takes some of the mystery out of your ingredients as a home brewer.  Again I am really happy with the product and the service and will certainly be telling others about Beer Co.
Kind regards

Mark - Hornsby, NSW 2077, AU, 3 Sep 2018

Thought I'd write up a short testimonial regarding my recent experience at BeerCo.
I went to BeerCo in person not realizing it was an online order only shop, and was greeted with great professionalism and superb customer service. Even though I was meant to order online I was still able to purchase the item and had a great chat to awesome bloke working there.
It was a very positive experience. I was there to purchase an item for my roommate who loves brewing and told him how excellent the business was and how all orders henceforth from him should most definitely be placed with BeerCo. 
The only thing we regret is not realizing this amazing business was just right around the corner from us and has been for so many years.
I look forward to more orders from BeerCo and will definitely be raising a glass of our brewed beer towards you all. If I could rate you out of 10, it would definitely be 10 out of 10 on all aspects. 
Thanks again for the great experience.

Warm regards,

Luke - Keilor East, VIC 3033, AU, 27 Aug 2018

I have been in the customer service industry for 10 years now, currently managing a contact centre in Adelaide and I can honestly say without question that the overall customer experience I have had with BeerCo is the best I have ever had with an online retailer – hands down. I strive on a daily basis to create an overall experience to our customers that you have seamlessly. Right from the easy to use website and reasonable range of products, to immediate email confirmations, exceptionally quick dispatch and receipt of goods, down to the personalised message in the box when I opened it. All of these things have left an outstanding perception of your business and something I have since recommended and raved about to several people both in the homebrewing scene and also from a best practice model to work colleagues. I heard about BeerCo from a good friend and very avid homebrewer who recommended and I can tell you now I have definitely found my new supplier of products moving forward in BeerCo.

Will – Glandore, South Australia 5037, 22 Mar 2018