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Milled: Yes
Yeast: Dry

Are you split between your love of Hops - hmmm Hops and Malt - oh so fine! Well worry not more with Split | Red IPA we bring you a truly balanced malt and hop forward beer.  With a tonne of in your face US Hop Resin underpinned by a layered full English Crisp Malt bed you will find hoppiness - so brew happy will you! Split!

Good Red IPAs balance the hop-forward flavours and aromas of traditional IPA with the caramel, malty body of an amber ale. We like to think our Split | Red IPA is a solid compromise that lets you the brewer and beer drinker temper the resinous kick of a hop forward IPA with notes of something a bit softer, smoother and even slightly sweet.

Split | Red IPA

Recipes on Brewing Software:

an All Grain American Red IPA by Dermott Dowling (revised and rebooted with more hops in July 2022)

Vital Stats:

  • 1.066 OG
  • 1.013 FG
  • 59 IBU
  • 33 EBC
  • 7.0% ABV
  • BU/GU 0.89
  • 21 litre brew length
  • 60 minute boil
  • Single Infusion Mash - 72% Efficiency


6.25 kg Total Grist - 100%


Amount  Hop               Time    Use      Form AA

  • 20 g Sultana (US)      60 min   Boil         Pellet 13.4%
  • 30 g Talus (US)          15 min   Boil         Pellet 8.0%
  • 30 g Sultana (US)        5 min   Boil         Pellet 14%
  • 50 g Cashmere (US)    5 min   Boil         Pellet  7.8%
  • 30 g Talus (US)            5 min   Boil          Pellet 8.0%
  • 50 g Sultana (US)      3 days   Dry Hop   Pellet 13.4%
  • 50 g Cashmere (US)   3 days  Dry Hop   Pellet 7.8%
  • 60 g Talus (US)          3 days   Dry Hop   Pellet 8.0%


Dry | Lallemand

Liquid | Bluestone Yeast


  1. Mash – the brewer should do normal mash regime, mashing at 67 C for at least 65 mins
  2. Sparge – once again the brewer should do normal regime at around 76C
  3. Boil – vigorous boil for 60 mins. You may want to boil for 90 mins if time permits with first bittering hop addition at 60 mins.
  4. Hops: Add 20g of Sultana @60 mins, 30g of Talus at 15 mins, 30g of Sultana and 50 g of Cashmere and 30g of Talus @5 mins from end of boil.
  5. Pitch Yeast & Fermentation – Aerate well and ferment at 18-22 C until FG is reached or terminal gravity is table for two days.
  6. Yeast off and dry hop after primary for 72 hours with 50g each of Sultana and Cashmere and 60g of Talus  (note: you might also like to do a double dry hop of 25g each of Sultana and Cashmere and 30g of Talus with addition one at 5 days for 3 days then addition two at day 8 for a further 3 days).
  7. Crash chill and bottle or keg as normal.
  8. Mature for 10 days before carbonating.

Sauces of Brewspiration: