Dermott DowlingApr 10, '22

The Hunter United Brewers are hosting the 2022 HUNTER HOMEBREW COMPETITION on 4th June, 2022.

The closing date for entries is Wednesday 25th May.

A competition poster is available for download here. A flyer is also available here.

This competition will be conducted according to the AABC Competition Guidelines and Rules. For further information, please refer to the Categories and Styles list and Styleguide Guidelines downloadable from the AABC website.

The AABC style guides are based on the BJCP Guidelins. For additional details please download the latest 2021 version from the BJCP website.

Prizes will be awarded in four Classes - Lager, Ale, Dark & Strong and Specialty. A chart showing how each style has been assigned to a class is available here.

Please use the list of Categories and Styles to locate the correct style for each of your entries - hit the Add Entry button to submit your entry. An Entry Form will be automatically generated and emailed to you for printing and labeling your bottles. Read the style guidelines very carefully and make sure the Class / Category / Style ID details quoted on your entry form(s) and bottle labels strictly comply. Organisers will take no responsibility for beers entered into the wrong style as the beer will be judged against the criteria for the style that it is entered.

A step-by-step guide for submitting your entry is available here.

Each entry will cost $7.50 and will need to be received at one of the Drop-Off locations prior to close of business on Wednesday 25th May, 2022. All entries must comply with the Conditions of Entry available on this website.

Home Brew Competitions cannot proceed without the help of many Stewards and Judges. If you can help out (even for a few hours) please Register here.

Please support our Sponsors who support our competition!