How Raw Agave Syrup became a Millennial Treasure of Mexican Culture

How Raw Agave Syrup became a Millennial Treasure of Mexican Culture

Dermott DowlingJan 9, '24

Since the dawn of time, communities have been striving to sweeten their lives with various natural ingredients. Bee honey has been utilized for thousands of years throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa, and bee farms have been discovered among Phoenician and Mesopotamian ruins.

Vegetable syrups were utilized at least as early as 15 000 BC, derived from various fruits, flowers, and plants. Cane sugar became the global standard in the eleventh century and throughout the great exploration age, albeit it was initially pricey. African sugar canes were taken by European colonists and replicated in Asia, Europe, and the new continent, America. It has now become a major export of tropical countries throughout the world.

However, long before the western sugar obsession took hold, the Aztecs and other cultures in Mexico were accustomed to ingesting Agave extract (also known as nectar, syrup, or honey). By 1750 BC, only monarchs and nobles were permitted to possess it. They used it to sweeten other foods like cocoa, vanilla, and chili.

Organic Raw Agave Syrup is a naturally occurring sweetener that is made by thermally hydrolyzing fructans at temperatures below 40°C. This low-temperature process preserves the nutritional integrity of the fructans as well as all the distinct characteristics that are present in the core of the agave, giving rise to a rich and tasty syrup. It has a nice and natural sweetness and is free of additional sugars from other sources and food additives.

The National History and Anthropology Museum in Mexico has published scientific findings stating that this Agave Syrup, was the most popular sweetener at the time.  The soft and highly scented sweetener is harvested from the heart, or "piña," of the agave plant. It is used as a raw ingredient to make tequila and other beverages.

However, Agave Syrup fate is not limited to the glass or cup. An excellent organic sweetener that is also healthier, raw agave syrup is utilized in a variety of dishes and confections. Raw Agave syrup is one of the purest natural sugars known to humanity since it is naturally kept for up to 10 years in the center of the agave plant.

We can now appreciate what has been concealed for millennia because of the work and culture of hundreds of generations of Mexicans who have passed down the Agave plants secrets over the ages. Thankfully, it is now possible to share the rediscovered raw agave syrup with people on every continent.

This blog and knowledge has been shared with us from our wonderful friend at Best Ground International - Karla Corona - Biotechnology Engineer and Asia Pacific Sales Manager.

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