How to Make Hard Seltzer Easy with Seltzer Pure

How to Make Hard Seltzer Easy with Seltzer Pure

Dermott DowlingNov 14, '22

Hey there Brewers,

We hear your frustrations when your comfortable brewing but not so sure about how to brew a Hard Seltzer.  Working with our friends and supply partners at Helter Beverages Group to bring you this simple guide to Hard Seltzer Made Easy with Seltzer Pure Y1 Yeast and N1 Yeast Nutrient + Buffering Solution.

How to make 1000L of 16% v/v Seltzer Base using the “Seltzer Pure” product combination.

  1. CIP and clean the fermenter to prepare for fermenting Seltzer base.
  2. Add 270kg of sucrose or 285kg of dextrose monohydrate(glucose) to 600L hot water (70oc) and dissolve. Top up to 1,000L with hot water. Boil if deemed necessary.
  3. After cooling the sugar solution to <30oc add 4.5kg of Seltzer Pure N1 and dissolve for 10 minutes.
  4. Add 1kg of Seltzer Pure Y1 Yeast by ideally rehydrating the yeast first(see instructions below) then adding tovfermenter OR sprinkling the dried yeast directly onto the wort.
  5. Turn on aeration for the first 10 minutes (if possible).
  6. Let the fermenter temperature fall naturally to 25oc, then control the temperature at 25oc throughout the fermentation.
  7. Take gravity readings every 24h to monitor the fermentation. At day 4 take a gravity reading at 90h, 94h and 96h. If the gravity is <0.990 and the gravity reads are steady (not falling) the fermentation is ready for harvesting. Note: if adding other fermentable substances or adjuncts such as malt or rice malt syrup the gravity may be higher than 0.990 at 96h.
  8. Cold crash and filter as soon as possible after the fermentation is finished. Do not leave the fermentation for too long unfiltered as poor flavour profiles can result.

If using substrates other than pure sugars contact us for technical support.

Rehydration of Seltzer Pure Y1 Yeast:

In a clean container or bucket, Sprinkle yeast on 10 times it’s own weight in water heated to 37oc. Leave to soak for 20mins, then stir until the yeast is fully dissolved. Add immediately to the fermenter.

Dosage Rate Table for Different % ABV:

% abv

White Sugar Dosage

Seltzer Pure N1 Dosage

6% 100g/L 1.5g/L
8% 135g/L 2.0g/L
10% 170g/L 2.5g/L
12% 203g/L 3.5g/L
14% 236g/L 4.0g/L
16% 270g/L 4.5g/L


Disclaimer: The information presented is provided as a guide and is based on our research and commercial testing. Prior to any formulation change we recommend small scale testing. Nothing contained herein is representative of a warranty or guarantee for which the manufacturer can be held legally responsible.

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