Dec 2018 - Beery Christmas BeerCo Brewing News...🍻🎄🎅

Dec 2018 - Beery Christmas BeerCo Brewing News...🍻🎄🎅

Dermott Dowling

Christmas Cheers & Hoppy New Beers!

Unhappiness, where's when I was young
And we didn't give a damn
'Cause we were raised
To see life as a fun and take it if we can

The Cranberries - Ode to My Family

Wow! Where did 2018 go? We hop you had a great brewing and/or distilling year and are looking forward to putting your feet up with family and friends over the festive season and enjoying some well earned Christmas Cheers and New Years Beer or Whisky made by YOU over the past 12 months.

Mo-vem-Beer came and went and we had a lot fun in Adelaide making new friends at the Australian Distillers Association Conference.  Great to see so many prospering Australian Craft Distillers producing world award winning Whisky, Vodka, Gin and Liqueurs.

This month we take a slightly different tack on our "....of the Month" to award the BeerCules (or the Category Hercules) as voted by you our most wonderful customers  based on number and average score as you "review after you brew" happy! So drum roll please...da da da di da da...

Malt of the Year - Gladfield American Ale Malt - Hop of the Year - Citra - Yeast of the Year - GY054 Vermont IPA GigaYeast  - Equipment of the Year - Mill Master - Mini Mill - but wait! there's more...we couldn't see you into the Silly Season without some Bubbles so we have a NEW! Recipe of the Month - Delores | Brut IPA and let's not forget another great How to Brew like a Pro! How to Make a Yeast Starter from our great mate Andrew at Stass Brewing and last but not least if you are running out of stocking stuffers we give you some great gift ideas for that special brewing buddy in your life!

What about a BeerCo Sahm Glass or 6 or a 200gm Heavy Duty BeerCo Gildan Tee to show your a member of the Brewing Revolution or you can not decide what the special s/he in your brewing or distilling life needs...well give the BeerCo Gift Card and let them decide in nominations of $25 $50 $100 or go LARGE $200...

Oh and lest we forget last day for orders out is Mon 24th Dec and we reopen for dispatch and pickups again on 2nd Jan 2019! Scroll to the bottom of this email for Hunter Express and AusPost shipping over the festive season...

How to Brew like a Pro! Yeast Starters with Stass Brewing
Gladfield American Ale Malt
Gladfield American Ale Malt
AU$16.95/5Kg - AU$64.95/25Kg (SAVE 23% OFF 5Kg Price)

Julian C. 5* Review 04/07/18
One of the best
I absolutely love this base malt. It is my Go To as I mainly brew hoppy APAs and IPAs. If I need a bit more character, I will add a bit of Munich to the malt bill. Gladfield is producing some amazing product and I am so glad BeerCo keep stock of their entire range

What more do we need to say here...21 x 5* reviews says it all really...Gladfield American Ale malt is the popular favourite for producing popular hop-forward American Ale style beers for which it beers its name.

Glad you like it! Malt of the Year - 2018! Buy some!
Citra® US Hops - Brand HBC 394
Citra® US Hops - Brand HBC 394
AU$9.95/100g - AU$79.95/Kg SAVE 20% OFF 100g Price
Todd 5* Verified Review 02/06/18
Favourite Hop
These arrived fast and fresh. Citra is my favourite hop for fruity pale ales and IPA's. Add it as a single whirlpool hop addition to 40 IBU in a 1.050 OG pale, then dry hop 2g/L for an epic drop! 
Goes well with mosaic and galaxy for a tropical fruit punch style beer also!

Citra® (BRAND HBC 394) has unique and highly favoured flavour characteristics. As the name suggests, its flavour descriptors include citrus including lime and grapefruit as well as other tropical fruity characters.

Specific aroma descriptors include grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit and lychee.
Cheers Citra! Hop to it! Buy Your Hop of 2018!
GY054 Vermont IPA GigaYeast
GY054 Vermont IPA GigaYeast
AU$14.95/Gold Pitch - $2,895/80hL Pro-Pitch
David Verified Buyer 5* Customer Review 04/01/18
I used GY054 in my experimental IPA and have to say the results were outstanding! Very vigorous ferment and added a lovely haze to the beer and an outstanding clarity of flavour from the hops. As always, outstanding service from BeerCo, reinforcing as the best place to do your next brew

GigaYeast Vermont IPA GY054 is from one of the best examples of an East Coast IPA. This GigaYeast attenuates slightly less than NorCal Ale #1 and leaves a beer with more body and a slight fruity ester that is amazing with aromatic hops.

GY054 Vermont IPA GigaYeast is a great choice for high gravity beers and hoppy styles. Broad temperature range and moderate flocculation make this yeast a versatile house strain.
The Haze Craze Rolls On! Get Your Giga On!
Mill Master - Mash Master - Mini Grain Mill - FREE SHIPPING AU WIDE
Mill Master - Mash Master - Mini Grain Mill - FREE SHIPPING AU WIDE
AU$289.95 with FREE Shipping AU wide
Dale J. Verified Buyer 5* Review         21/09/18
First use of the Mashmaster mini mill
Really enjoyed this mill, I had been using the mill at the local home brew store and stuck purchasing what they were selling.  Now I can buy bulk sacks, saving money and for whom I like. 
I tried this mill out and noticed how easy it got thru the grain bill using my pistol drill. The second time I used it I tried out Grain Conditioning, moistening the grain pre-milling. This was added to my Robobrew and I recirculated the wort at 3/4 of the pump capacity. The grain had intact hulls and for the first time I did not add rice hulls. 
I am very happy with this mill in my backyard brewery. Cheers Beerco 

Mill like a pro with the Mill Master Mini Grain Mill from Mash Master - the only geared roller mill on the market. Brew when you want to brew with fresh cracked grains using hardened 420 Stainless Steel Fluted Rollers. Mill Master Geared 2 Roller Grain Mill feature cutting edge design with good old fashioned reliability so you can mill your heart out and brew like a pro with consistent crush with a fully adjustable precision mill.
Mill Better! Mash Better! Brew Better! Brew Happy! BUY ONE NOW!
Delores - Brut IPA - BeerCo Recipe Kit
Delores - Brut IPA - BeerCo Recipe Kit
AU$59.95 to $64.95

Time to crack open a bottle of bubbly Brut IPA my brewing sisters and brothers and celebrate a nice and dry hop forward effervescent beer.  Here we pair a light German Pilsner style malt with Flaked Rice and let delicate Pinot Gris like and Mandarin Hops dance their tunes on your tongue. Well, what are you waiting for Brewers? The Ladies and Gents are keen to taste some hoppy poppy bubbles!

Cheers! #Bubbly #BrutIPA #drybeer #enjoyresponsibly

Let's brew up some Bubbles Del
Sahm - BeerCo - Brewhouse - 300ml Glass
Sahm - BeerCo - Brewhouse - 300ml Glass
AU$8.95 - AU$39.95 for 6 SAVE 25% OFF!
You deserve the best when it comes to serving your beer to yourself or your friends and family.
Sahm - BeerCo - Brewhouse - 300ml Glass shape exhibits elements of traditional tumblers whilst also standing out for its high level of practicality. 
Manufactured and Printed in Germany by multiple award winning world class glass design and production company Sahm:
Buy the BeerCo Glass that is all Class!
Brewing Revolution - BeerCo - T-Shirts
Brewing Revolution - BeerCo - T-Shirts
AU$29.95 in S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL
Join the Revolution! Buy a BeerCo Tee NOW!
Gift Card
Gift Card
AU$50.00 - AU$200.00
Give the Gift that keeps on Giving! A BeerCo Gift card in denominations from $25 $50 $100 or $200. Give the Gift of Alchemy to that special s/he in your brewing or distilling life!
Give the Gift of Alchemy - Gift Card

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