Marchin' on! - March 2018 - BeerCo Brewing News ???

Marchin' on! - March 2018 - BeerCo Brewing News ???

Dermott Dowling
"Are we there yet Papa Smurf?" "No far, brewer smurf, put down your mash paddle and pick up your latest copy of the Marchin' On - March 2018 - BeerCo Brewing News...there's things to be learning about brewin' there little brewer Smurf!"You have so much to learn little brewer Smurf and if there is one thing for sure in brewing whether your a new to brewing homebrewer or a seasoned pro your always learning...the Month of March is Marchin On! We hop your getting your Brewing on! We certainly did in Febrewery and we are excited to share some of our "learning from a Pro" in our Beer & Wood Brew & A with Matt Houghton @Boatrocker Brewery & Barrel Room - just click the link below and pull up a stool and a lovely wood aged beer - clean or sour - we don't mind and enjoy watching...but wait there's not forget to read on about our "Malts of the Month" the limited edition Gladfield Chocolate & Crystal Rye Malts - oh so good! Hop of the Month - Huell MelonGigaYeast of the Month - GB110 Fast Sourcing Lacto and of course why not chew on some "French Toast" our Double Brown Ale with Maple Cinnamon and Vanilla Bean aged on you guessed it Wood!...well what are you waiting for Brewers? Drink, Watch, Read & Brew Happy always :-)
What's Brewing at BeerCo HQ?

Gladfield Malts of the Month! Your Ryes Want It!

Gladfield Crystal Rye Malt - Strictly Limited Release

Gladfield Crystal Rye Malt is made by wetting the rye and carefully kilning produces a remarkably delicious and complex crystal malt with a slightly spicy caramel finish caramel and a nutty aroma. Superb in a range of beers including Pales and IPA’s, brings a new level of complexity to Golden Rye’s and is fantastic in a rye lager where a little spiciness changes things up rather nicely. Use up to 25% but as with all Ryes consider adding a few rice hulls as the ratio increases to assist lautering efficiency. Please use the malt as fresh as possible and see our suggested recipe for a for a delicious Golden Rye.

Package & Price Options:

  • 1Kg Bags at $4.95/Kg
  • 25Kg Sack at $89.95 Incl. GST (SAVE 27% ON 1KG BAG PRICE)

Gladfield Chocolate Rye Malt

Richly roasted to bring a smooth espresso creaminess to your dark beers with a touch of rye spiciness. Beautiful in a porter or oatmeal stout where the coffee spice character is particularly well matched with the roast malts. Adds a further level of complexity to Vienna in a Dunkel or even something a little uncommon to a mild or English brown.

Use 1-5% to enhance aroma and flavour characters without imparting bitterness or astringency. Please use the malt as fresh as possible and see our suggested recipe for a for a simple but surprisingly complex NZ Dunkel.

Pack & Price Options:

  • 1Kg Bags at $4.95 / Kg
  • 25Kg bags at $89.95 Incl. GST(SAVE 27% ON 1KG BAG PRICE)
Read More, Recipe Ideas and Buy Now! Strictly Limited Release!

Hop of the Month! Huell Melon GR Hops

With over 50 different hop varieties from around the globe and counting it is hard for us to pick one out of the bunch because come on Brewers - who doesn't love Hops! Hmmm Hops! Well we think this one is worth you looking at a little closer especially as it is freshly dropped into store Crop 2017! Huell Melon is new German hop variety with a distinctive honeydew melon and strawberry aroma. The variety was bred at the Hop Research Institute Hὓll and released in 2012. Hὓell Melon was bred in response to the craft beer industry’s demand for bold tastes and differentiating flavours.


  • Type 90 Hop Pellets 100GM / 250GM / 500GM / 1Kg Foils


  • Strawberry and honeydew, melon nuances


Huell Melon is one of the new Hüll research varieties.  Huell Melon is a daughter of Cascade crossed with a Huell male and has been bred and planted in German hop fields of the Hallertau and Tettnang regions in response to demand from the craft beer industry and its desire for bold tastes and differentiating flavours.

Pack & Price Options:

  • HUELL MELON T90 HOP PELLETS 250GM (SAVE 10% ON 100GM RRP) $19.95
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GigaYeast of the Month: GB110 Fast Souring Lacto

Gregory Hughes Review on GB110 May 15, 2016 Pitched into a no boil berliner weisse at 30c. The pH dropped down to 3.5 after 4 days and tasting amazing. Dropped temp to 20c and pitched Norcal #1, didn’t take off so pitched some us05, also didn’t take off, so pitched GB121! Gravity has started dropping and the pH is down to 3.35. Still tasting amazing. Might need to change my process next time to get it to attenuate without the use of brett. Trust Hughesy! This bad boy is a trusted friend of many at top tier craftbrewer in the US and here in AU and it will work a charm on your home or craft beer to bring down pH and lift the pucker factor through the roof! GigaYeast Fast Souring Lacto GB110 is a robust, fast souring lactic acid bacteria.  Produces a clean tart flavour. Lactobacillus Sp. Pronounced sourness.

Pack & Price Options:

  • Gold Pitches for 21 L / 5 US Gallon Homebrew Size WAS $14.95  NOW! $9.95 Incl. GST (SAVE 33%)
  • Craftbrewer Pro-Pitches - DHL Express drop-shipped in 5-7 days to your Craft Brewery!
HL Pitch Total A$ including Shipping
1 $321.77
5 $437.58
10 $617.32
15 $787.52
20 $896.98
25 $1,041.28
30 $1,190.24
35 $1,329.49
40 $1,454.26
45 $1,586.76
50 $1,770.59
55 $1,922.58
60 $2,084.43
70 $2,446.50
80 $2,790.25
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Hungry for more? Want a recipe for French Toast?

Wood, Whisky, What is there not to love?  Every brewer loves everything made from malt including Single Malt Whisky of course. So when by luck chance and happenstance we came across the opportunity to join a Bulk Buy! for a couple of 20L Single Malt Whisky casks from a name Craft Whisky Distillery in Tasmania, who shall remain nameless for now...well the offer was simply too good to be true and miss out on an opportunity to crack a Woodie and get our Brewing on!  So we did! cheers #brewhappy #barrelsoffun

French Toast - Double Brown Ale with Maple Cinnamon and Vanilla Beans aged in Wood!

Vital Stats:

  • Type: All Grain  Batch Size: 21.00 l  Boil Size: 23.77 l
  • Boil Time: 60 min
  • Est Original Gravity: 1.081 SG Est Final Gravity: 1.014 SG
  • Estimated Alcohol by Vol: 8.8 %
  • Bitterness: 34.9 IBUs Est Color: 58.1 EBC
  • Mash Name: Single Infusion @67C
  • Date: 14 Feb 2018 Brewer: Dermott Dowling Asst Brewer: Roger Lew
  • Equipment: Robobrew with Pump Efficiency: 72.00 % Est Mash Efficiency: 72.0 %


Amt       Name                                                     Colour          %

5.20 kg Gladfield Ale Malt                                                   (6.0 EBC)            68.4 % 0.60 kg Gladfield Dark Crystal Malt                                 (190.0 EBC)           7.9 % 0.60 kg Gladfield Munich Malt                                          (15.5 EBC)              7.9 % 0.60 kg Harraway's Rolled Oats                                          (2.8 EBC)              7.9 % 0.20 kg Gladfield Biscuit Malt                                             (60.0 EBC)           2.6 % 0.20 kg Gladfield Brown Malt                                             (178.0 EBC)          2.6 % 0.20 kg Gladfield Light Chocolate Malt                            (900.0 EBC)         2.6 %


25 gm Perle [8.50 %] - Boil 60.0 min Hop 8 21.4 IBUs 25 gm Willamette [4.70 %] - Boil 30.0 min Hop 9 9.5 IBUs 25 gm Willamette [4.70 %] - Boil 5.0 min Hop 11 4.0 IBUs


  • 2 Vanilla Bean (Boil 5.0 mins) Split beans and scrap out contents and all in the boil @5 mins from flameout
  • 0.11 oz Cinnamon Stick 1 Scroll (Boil 5.0 mins) add a scroll @5 mins from flameout
  • 750ml Maple Syrup (Boil 0.0 mins) add at flameout - save another 250mL for addition into secondary fermentation



  1. Mash In Add 21.82 l of water at 72.3 C 65.6 C 75 min
  2. Sparge: Fly sparge with 10.56 l water at 75.6 C
  3. Ferment at 18-22C letting the beer free rise and ferment out the primary before adding last 250mL of Maple Syrup into secondary Fermentation
  4. Fine, rack into Barrels and let age for 1-3 months tasting using a wine thief nail or other such methods that reduce oxygen entering the beer
  5. Bottle or Keg to your liking using 111 grams of Dextrose (Corn Sugar) to a C02 level of 2.3
  6. Sip, Savour and enjoy! Prost!

Sauces of Brewspiration:

More pics and news coming but you might enjoy this BrewTube with Matt @Boatrocker talking about Wood and Beer and Brewing!
Special thanks and shout out to Matt Houghton @Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers for helping a fellow brewer learn more about brewing with wood