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Movembeer - BeerCo - Brewing News 

Dermott Dowling

Brew with a Mo-Bro or Mo-Sis this Movembeer

Alleviating the world of beer poverty one brew at a time is a life's work.  There are many social benefits of brewing and sharing a beer with mates is one of life's greatest pleasures.  As life speeds up for us, change and technology amps up, some of your great mates might feel a little lost at times and out of sorts.  We encourage you this Movembeer to reach out to a mate you haven't seen in a while or are worried about and invite him or her over to brew with you or share a brew with you.  There are lots of things we can do during Movembeer from growing a Mo, to raising funds for men's health and here at BeerCo Home Brewery we are going to focus on inviting friends to brew or share a beer and spend some quality time over the mash tun or with an ale and pizza at the end of a busy brew day.

Malt of Month - Gladfield Supernova™

supernovagspn25gspn1 Gladfield Malt latest release Supernova is here! Supernova is ideal as a replacement for traditional crystal malts, to change the flavour characteristics and reduce a beer's residual sweet taste. Supernova has a typical colour of 114 EBC with a malty and caramel finish.  Great in Pale Ales (5-10%) for a caramel flavour that will not overpower your hops.  Supernova also adds rich, malty depth to Amber Ales (<25%) and can accentuate a Porter (<15%). We recommend you look to use Supernova judiciously in your grist around 10-25% and see where the flavour takes you before you dial it up! Gladfield Supernova Malt is made using Canterbury winter barley, taken through germination before roasting to develop flavour and colour and malt depth to your beer. Supernova is a roasted malt designed for nutty, caramel flavour and a dark glorious colour. For more info on this wonderful new malt - watch this short video with Doug @GladfieldMalt and Stephen @HallertauBeer in Auckland, New Zealand: [embed][/embed]  

Hop of Month - Loral™ US Hops (HBC 291)

loral-flavour-notesloral-1kg Loral™ formerly known as HBC 291, provides a more traditional yet unique hop character, providing the floral and herbal notes one would expect from a fine noble aroma hop. Loral ™ mother is the U.S. developed aroma variety Glacier; the grandmother being the long established European noble aroma variety known as Tardif de Bourgogne originating in the Bourgogne region of Eastern France. The father is a son of the U.S. developed Nugget variety. Loral™ is characterized by having numerous small, dense cones with moderate alpha acids. The variety was first commercialized in 2016 with notable early craft beer uses including:


  • Very pleasant, floral, peppery, lemon-citrus and dark fruit.
  • A touch of sweet fruity aroma rounds out this well-balanced hop.
  • In beer, the floral notes are accentuated yet complemented nicely by fruity and citrus with just a hint of herbal.

Style Guidance:

  • IPA
  • Pale Ales
  • Lagers

Pack Sizes Available:

Yeast of the Month - GY054 Vermont IPA GigaYeast


Beer Recipe of the Month - Supernova™ Amber Ale

With the launch of Gladfield Supernova Malt this month and a recent trip across the dutch to see our friends at Gladfield Malt, Dermott took some time out to have some fun and brew with Gabi @Gladfield Malt - A Supernova American Amber Ale that you might or might not like to brew your own at home!

gladfield-malt-beerco-brew-daygladfield-beerco-amber-ale Vital Stats:

  • 50 litres (1/2 everything for 25L brew length)
  • Pre boil Gravity 1.042 SG
  • Post boil Gravity 1048 SG
  • Mash temp 65.6 C
  • Target 4.5-5.3% ABV
  • Target 35-45 IBU

Gladfield Malts



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