Sustainable is Attainable if We all Work Together

Sustainable is Attainable if We all Work Together

Dermott DowlingSep 14, '23

We wanted to drop you a quick line on a few top priority shares post BrewCon23 and tanks to everyone who dropped by our Trade Stand #23 to say Hi! to us and our great mates @Malteurop @novozymes @ferveoyeast and @buderimginger over the couple of days in Gold Coast. It was a busy few days and we are all aware we did not get to see and talk to everyone and many of you were not there so here goes.

Firstly, we are keenly aware of the drive for more "sustainable malt" in the brewing industry and so are our malt and cereal supply partners. For those of you not already aware is a purpose and values driven business and "sustainability" is one of our 5 core values we live and work everyday and we make all our crucial decisions using our 5 core values.

Sustainability we are constantly working to reduce our impact on the planet and bring your brewing & distilling supplies to you as efficiently and effectively as possible

We all attended and support the excellent presentations on "Certified Sustainable" barley and heading towards "Carbon Neutral" malting at BrewCon23 and our supply partners are on the same journeys. We direct you to the following links and annoucements and we plan to share more about what we and our supply partners are doing in this space in the coming months and years and decades to come. Its a journey we are all walking together and rest assured we are 110% committed to sustainable barley and malt and so are our supply partners.

Malteurop | Our Commitments

Crisp Malt | Making Sustainable Attainable

Secondly, we are aware of a lot of you interested to brew low and/or no carb beers as drinkers search for better for you beer options this Spring and Summer. We were privileged to have Dr Aldo Lentini at novozymes join us at BrewCon23 and give an excellent talk on this topic. We have shared the talk and his slides on the blog - link below:

How to Brew a No Lo Carb Beer the easy way with novozymes

We will share the audio when available and all members of the IBA can access the slides and audio post BrewCon23 due out in next week or two.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for technical support when brewing these no lo carb beers at We have the novozymes | benzymes capable of doing the job and can connect you with Dr Jan and Dr Aldo at novozymes for technical guidance and support in this challenging and growing segment.

Lastly, we super excited to announce that Ferveo Yeast is now available for your immediate order on the | Marketplace!

Please read the annoucement on our partnership to help you brew better award winning beers with fresh liquid Ferveo Yeast

Ferveo Yeast available on Marketplace to Australian Craft Brewers

NB: Please note that all pitches are propagated fresh according to demand  so allow up to 14 days from order to make and dispatch.  

Ferveo Fresh Premium Liquid Yeast is propagated and will be shipped out of Adelaide FAST on Team Global Express - Priority Air Freight

The  wholesale direct prices shown on the Marketplace include GST but exclude freight.  They are the same prices as you will pay buying from Ferveo Yeast direct!

The shipping and packaging fee is a LOW FAST FLAT RATE* of $50 for up to 25hL, and $100 for quantities exceeding 25hL.

*A surge charge of $25 will be added to certain postcodes.

Suburb Listing 

That's all for now...we know you are all very busy in your Breweries with footy finals upon us, Oktoberfest and Spring in full swing and Summer just around the corner. It is an exciting time of the brewing year for all the right reasons. Please be safe, be seen and be repsonsible this summer as you brew happy, brew better and brew more sustainable (profitable) beers!

Please remember the first rule of "sustainability" is profitability. Without adequate margin (gross profit) and net profit margin you have nothing to invest in building a more "sustainable" business for today and tomorrow.

Keep in touch. We are only a phone call or email away and always ready and willing to help you brew happy and brew better for a brighter future in beer and beyond beer beverages!

cheers #brewhappy always

Dermott Dowling

Managing Director | 

Ferveo Yeast

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How to Brew No Lo Carb Beers

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