Toby - July 2019 - BeerCo Brewing News...🍻 📡📻 📺

Toby - July 2019 - BeerCo Brewing News...🍻 📡📻 📺

Dermott DowlingJul 10, '19
Slow down...your running too fast! Be careful...You don't want to blow a Sandshoe!

Toby King, 2000.

Hop you are keeping warm this winter and your glass is full of a warming winter ale or dram of something nice. Lots of news to share this month so we will get straight to the Brewing & Distilling News.

Yee Ha! We are Hiring! Click here for our Blog Post and How to throw your name and resume in the mash tun! BeerCo Co-Worker Wanted!

NEW! Fresh Wort Kits are here! GTP Go To Pale Ale Fresh Wort Kit we make brewing easy with fresh local independent craft brewery quality wort that all you have to do is pitch and ferment and brew happy!

Malt of the Month - Crisp Naked Oat Malt - Hop of the Month - Waimea NZ Hops - Yeast of the Month - GY080 Irish Stout GigaYeast - Adjunct of the Month - Maple Syrup - BeerCo All Grain Recipe of the Month - Toby | Oatmeal Stout with Vanilla, Cinnamon and Maple Syrup and another great video from Andrew at Stass Brewing on How to Bottle from a Keg and what's coming up on the Events calendar?

See You Soon at the Dan in Carlton, Melbrewin' for Merri Mashers Club Night on 30th of July, or Yes we CANbeerA for Canberra Brewers Club Night on Wed 7th Aug and hop you can come to MELbrewin' for BrewCon 2019 3-6 Sep and say G'day to the crew at Trade Booth #16.

GTP - Pale Ale - Fresh Wort Kits are here! NEW!
GTP - Pale Ale - Fresh Wort Kits are here! NEW!

GTP | Pale Ale | BeerCo Fresh Wort Kit is a classic hoppy US West Coast style Pale Ale with a simple and solid 90/10 Crisp Best Ale and Wheat Maltbase hopped up nice and strong with fragrant Cascade hops.  Brewed at an Independent Local Fresh Craft Brewery this is seriously good Craft Quality Wort ready to ferment! We recommend you ferment this one nice and dry with your choice of Yeast.

Brewing has never been this easy! We brew craft quality fresh wort so all you have to do is #clean #rinse #sanitise your fermenter pour in a cube and #fermenthappy and #brewhappy!
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Crisp Naked Oat Malt
Crisp Naked Oat Malt
$5.95/1Kg - $23.80/5Kg (SAVE 20%) / $89.25/25Kg (SAVE 40%)

Jay C.  Verified Reviewer  5 star rating 07/03/19
Perfect for a hazy IPA
I used 30% naked oats in my hazy IPA with 70% maris otter, and the colour and haze were absolutely spot on. Not only did it look amazing when I first kegged the beer, but the haze remained all the way through for weeks and is still hazy as I write this about 3 weeks after kegging. They also add a subtle sweetness to the beer which works really well.
This will be my go to source of oats for all my hazy IPAs from now on!!!

Crisp Naked Oat Malt when mixed with barley malt can improve mouthfeel and introduce notes of a toasted, biscuity aroma and palate.

For Professional Craft Brewer and Distiller and Home Brew Shop Trade Inquiries for Crisp Naked Oat Malt please drop us an email to

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Insist on Crisp! Naked Oat Malt in your next Brew Happy!
Insist on Crisp Naked Oat Malt in your next Brew!
Waimea™ NZ Hops
Waimea™ NZ Hops
AU$9.95/100g - AU$348.25/5Kg (SAVE 30% OFF 100g Price)

Jarrod Verified Buyer 5 star rating 12/04/18
Customer review
Delicious hop this one. Perfect for those IPA's. I'll be using this one, whilst I can get my hands on it

Harvest 2019 Waimea™ is in the Shop! A big NZ alpha hop that carries an even bigger weight of oils with lots of pine and citrus characters.

Well suited to dual purpose applications throughout from early kettle additions right through to dry hopping. Quality bitterness and aroma abound with fruity citrus and pine characters from this hops big weight of oil. A big hop for big beers.
"A great finisher"

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Buy NEW! Harvest 2019 Waimea™ NZ Hops for your next Brew!
GY080 Irish Stout GigaYeast
GY080 Irish Stout GigaYeast

GY080 Irish Stout GigaYeast is from one of the most famous stouts in the world. Creates a crisp, dry beer with a subtle fruity profile and a slightly tangy finish. Makes an amazing stout or porter but is also great for red, amber and even pale ales. This Irish ale yeast is a robust fermenter perfect for high gravity brews and settles out well enough to create a relatively clear beer.

Temperature Range†

  • 18˚C – 22˚C (64˚F – 72˚F)


  • Medium
For Professional Brewer GigaYeast Pro-Pitches send your inquiries to us at

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Get your Giga on with GY080 Irish Stout GigaYeast - Get some!
Pure Canadian Maple Syrup
Pure Canadian Maple Syrup
$4.95 for 250mL/ $43.95 for 12x250mL (SAVE 25% OFF the 250mL Price)

Not all maple syrups are created equal.  BeerCo L.B. Maple Treat Beer Finishing Pure Maple Syrup is 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup - Food Grade 1.  This Grade A Amber Rich Pure Maple Syrup is the ultimate finishing Maple to use for your Canadian Bourbon Stout, Maple Brown Ales or whatever you choose to brew with this delicious syrup.

We selected this grade as Beer Finishing Syrup due to its lower caramelisation and good maple aroma. This will ensure a smooth sweetness with a maple touch. 

Pack Sizes:

  • 250mL Bottle $5.95 $4.95 SALE!
  • 12 x 250mL Bottle / Carton (SAVE 25% OFF 250 mL Price) $69.95 $43.95 SALE
  • 50 lb / 22.68 Kg Pure Canadian Maple Syrup - Beer Brewing Grade $359.95
BeerCo All Grain Recipe Kit featuring BeerCo Pure Maple Syrup
Pour some Pure Maple Syrup into your next Brew Happy!
Toby - Vanilla Oatmeal Stout with Cinnamon and Maple Syrup - BeerCo Recipe Kit
Toby - Vanilla Oatmeal Stout with Cinnamon and Maple Syrup - BeerCo Recipe Kit

Nothing gets you going in the middle of winter like a hearty bowl of Uncle Tobys Oats infused with real PNG Vanilla Bean, some fine Dutch Cinnamon and a hearty dollop of Pure Canadian Maple Syrup on top!  So we thought if its good enough for your breakfast it's also fine in liquid form for your pre or post dinner beer! So here is to your liquid Toby | Vanilla infused Oatmeal Stout spiced with Cinnamon and a hearty dose of pure Canadian Maple. Cheers! Mount the Horses!

Time to Giddy Up with Toby | Vanilla Oatmeal Stout with Cinnamon and Maple - Yum!
How to Bottle from a Keg - Video Tips on How to Brew like a Pro!
  • 31 July 2019
We are going to be at the Dan OÇonnel Hotel in Carlton for a Brew and A with our great mates at Merri Mashers Brew Club
When and Where and What time?: Wed 31 July, The Dan from 7pm - Hop to see you there!
  • 7 Aug 2019
We are going to be at the in Canberra for a Brew and A about all things Malt with our great mates at Canberra Brewers
When and Where and What time?: Wed 7 Aug, The Gorman Arts Centre from 7:30pm - Hop to see you there!
  • 3-6 Sep 2019
Come and say g'day to us at IBA BrewCon 2019 right here in MELbrewin' - we will be in the trade hall Trade Booth #16

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