AoteaGrower Pilsner

AoteaGrower Pilsner

Dermott Dowling
Time to brew a 'Kiwi as Bro!' AoteaGrower Pilsner with a twist.  Home grown Saaz hops from the garden late addition to the kettle, Kiwi as Gladfield Pils Light Munich & Vienna Malts some Magnum hop for bittering and Motueka 'sticky green' for aromatics. Oh, and do not forget that Saflager S-23 dried lager yeast - better do it right bro - Choice! In the style of a rapidly emerging new style - NZ Pilsner we are looking for some light colour European style malt body backed up with some residual sweetness from the Munich & Vienna Malts, moderate bitterness - is there such a thing in Craft beer and good aromatic late hop additions for a bit more character in the glass and on the tongue.

Brew Day: Sat 10th May 2014 (Target Recipe)

Gladfield Malt Bill (Kg)
5.00 Pils Light 91%
0.25 Munich 5%
0.25 Gladiator 5%
20g Magnum AA 13.5% @60 mins
20g Motueka 2013 AA 6.9% @30 mins
20g Motueka 2013 AA 6.9% @10 mins
50g Garden Grown Saaz Hop Cones @Flame out
Saflager S-23 11.5g
Mash: 1) 55C for 30 mins 12L 2) 64C for 60 mins 6L 3) Rest 70C for 10 mins 5L 4) Mash off: 70C for 15 mins
Water Treatment: 5g of Calcium Sulphate - thx Ryan Vine & Dave Edney for that brewers tip on the fly!
Ferment: Target 10C for 2 weeks
OG: 1.058 FG: 1.016  ABV: 5.45% IBU: 52  SRM: 4.5
Saaz on the Scales 150g Cones to 50g dried & fresh frozen

Brew Day Reality:

11:15am 11L into Rubbermaid Esky @55C (top 57C / bottom 54C) for 1hour then up to 63C top / 60 C bottom for 30 mins, Sparge 3 x 4L buckets @80C (music playing: Chris Knox - Stroke & Garageland - Keepin it Kiwi Cous)
2pm Boil on with First Wort @1.052 SG
2:47pm Boiling and frist 20g of Magnum in the kettle and Motueka hop additions as per plan, then disaster strikes!  Where has my 50g of fresh frozen Garden Grown Saaz Hops gone for flame out!!! Arrggh!!! Panic!  Mazzy - 'how do you spell thank-you? Dad'  "T Maz - where is my hops?"  "Oh, Lola what do I do, I think Charlie the Dog stole our hops!, ARRGHHH!!'
Lola and the Hop Thief - AKA Charlie the Czech Saaz Hound
"Mazzy - T - what's next Dad", oh "H, whatabout I just throw some Garden Grown Cascade in Maz?  Great Idea, Dad!  How Much Lola - 20g or the whole 70g? Just 20g Dad,  Maz - nah throw the lot in Dad"  Oh dear - recipe adjustment on the home brewing fly - 20g of Cascade garden grown into the kettle at flame out, immersion chill the beer.  SG 1.056
Yeast (rehydrated in 500ml water and 200ml wort) pitched Sat @22C
Sun Temp @18C - oh darn! Fridge is F@#4ed - just my luck!
Mon AM Temp 16C
17.5.2014 Temp 16C
Monday - God Save the Queen Birthday - rack off 17.5L FG 1.012
9.6.2014 FG 1.005 (that's dry)
Bottle off @14-16C (not 10C as planned) or even cold conditioned at 2C as planned - bl@#$y t*&^kish Fridge :-(
Bulk Prime with 120g of Table Sugar filling 21 Tallies and 16 Stubbies (smallies)
Tasting: good clear light yellow colour.  Nice Clean Flavour.
AoteaGrower Pils - without the Saaz and Head :-(
Fri 20 & Sun 22 June Tasting notes: Good colour, nice clean flavour, some bitterness there, low/no carbonation - Doh!  Oh, and guess what I found in the garden stashed behind the rodadendrums rotting in a freezer bag - my Garden Grown Charlie Chewed on Saaz Hops - arrrggghhh!!!Charlie  - this will not happen for the next Garden Grown Pale Ale coming soon...