Atlantic Pacific - Pale Ale - Recipe - How to Brew

Atlantic Pacific - Pale Ale - Recipe - How to Brew

Dermott DowlingJul 13, '17

Atlantic Pacific - Pale Ale - Recipe - How to Brew


@syethebrewer Simon Law I have been a brewing for around 8 years now and have been using Gladfield Malt for most of this time. During this time, I have brewed a wide selection of beers, and have at least one hop forward beer on tap in my garage. For my IPA and APA, I have been using a high percentage of Pilsner or Ale malt as a base, so I was keen to try the German Pilsner Malt when I read how clean and neutral the flavour profile would be. For my first Gladfield German Pilsner Malt Beer, I wanted to use the clean neutral malt profile to showcase the Hop Hash I had recently purchased in an American Pale Ale, there was a small amount of light crystal malt used to add a little more body, and Gladfield Supernova to add a more colour. The final beer has proven to be exactly as I had hop-ped for!  The malt character is there but in a more restrained and subtle way, which has allowed the hop flavours to come through more, there is a cleaner hop character from this Gladfield German Pilsner Malt that I have not been able to get before. Overall, I am very happy with this new malt, and I have subsequently used it in an IPA which is currently enjoying some dry hopping.

Atlantic Pacific Pale Ale

  • Target Original Gravity 1.065
  • Target Final Gravity 1.017
  • Estimated ABV 6.1%
  • Target IBU 32.7
  • SRM 8.0
  • Mash at 65°C
  • Volume: 27 litres


Gladfield Malts



Editor: Was lucky enough to taste a glass of this fantastic Atlantic Pacific Pale Ale with @syethebrewer on Tue 11 July and fair to say its one of the best beers I have tasted for a long time brewed by any brewer home or professional for the lovely balance of malt and hop character and the freshness and ease of drinking. Could have been the company but this is a knock out drop! cheers #brewhappy @syethebrewer