El Humo Smokey Chilli Steam Beer

El Humo Smokey Chilli Steam Beer

Dermott Dowling
Russell Smits This Flyday's Brew Recipe of the week comes from Russell Smits, whom we had the pleasure to meet during his time @CoreBrewing and taste some of his wonderful experimental brews.  Russell is an avid home brewer with a PhD in Geology so like our other Dr Beer - Dr Russell Carpenter - another Russell, we expect this recipe will be a good one to brew your own at home!  Cheers & Thx Dr Smits for this great recipe to share with our readers. Russell called this beer "El Humo" with the chilli and corn being more Mexican and the steam ale style (Humo is Spanish for Steam). Brew happy :-) The smokey chilli flavours in this beer should be subtle, as such the malt and hop additions are minor to allow the other flavours a chance. A great drop for a nice afternoon, with the minor heat from the late chillie requiring another one to wash it down, and another, and....... Batch Size : 21.0 L Boil Time : 60 min Efficiency : 70.00% 1.054 OG : 1.011 FG 18.7 IBU 5.61% ABV 4 SRM Balanced

Gladfield Malt


Hops: grams Variant Time


White Labs Yeast Cream Ale Blend (WLP080) or GY005 Golden Gate Lager GigaYeast  or M54 Mangrove Jack's California Common Dry Yeast  


1. Mash - the brewer should do normal mash regime, mashing at 64 C for at least 60 mins 2. Sparge - once again the brewer should do normal regime at around 75C 3. Boil - vigorous boil for 60-90 mins 4. Add 15g of Cluster @60 mins, 8g of Cascade @60mins and 11g of Magnum at 5 mins. 5. Yeast & Fermentation - Aerate well and ferment at 23C until FG is reached 6. Add two teaspoons of dried flaked chillie in a hop bag for 3 days (test after this time and add another two teaspoons of chillie if more bite is desired) 6. Yeast off, mature for 19 days before carbonating.