G Dog American Pale Ale

G Dog American Pale Ale

Dermott DowlingSep 18, '15
Spring is here time to fire up the PicoBrew Zymatic and test some Crosby Idaho Experimental #4 Hops in honour of the mighty Gus who muled home the world's ultimate brewing machine from Seattle, WA to Melbourne, AU it was only appropriate we named this mighty brew after the G Dog! Beautiful day for pico brewing outside! G Dog Pale Ale Brewing Outisde Photo  

Vital Stats

  • Style: 10A American Pale Ale
  • OG / FG / IBU 1.050 / 1.012 / 43
  • SRM 8
  • ABV 4.9%
  • Water: 13.25 L
  • Batch Size: 9.46L (just double the recipe amounts below to brew up a 19L / US 5 gallon batch size)

Gladfield Malt Bill

Crosby Hops


  • Irish Moss
  • Calcium Sulphate
  • Calcium Chloride


  • Single Step Infusion @66C for 90 mins


  • 60 mins



  • 7 days rising from 18C to 20C

Double Dry Hopping

Dry Hopping G Dog APA Double Dry Hoping G Dog APA Dry Hopping Fermenter G Dog APA


  • Chill to 2C for 48 hours to drop yeast and hops out before bottling.
Cheers! enjoying a Pico Pale Ale after wash up on brew day :-) Wash Up Beer - Pico Pale Ale