iDICkS | imperial Dry Irish Coffee Stout | BeerCo Recipe

iDICkS | imperial Dry Irish Coffee Stout | BeerCo Recipe

Dermott DowlingAug 16, '19

What is better than a Dry Irish Coffee Stout we hear you ask! An imperial Dry Irish Coffee Stout aged in a whisky barrel of course.  What could possibly be more Irish than Stout and Whisky rolled into a barrel with some coffee for good measure to create a harmonious blend of flavour and depth of character that could warm up a dead man or woman!

Come all come heather you little Pixies - get me an iDicks to share and enjoy responsibly always.

Can You Brew it?

Vital Stats:

  • OG: 1.080  FG: 1.009 ABV 9.4% IBUs: 51 Colour: 146 EBC
  • All Grain: 21L batch size 60 mins boil est. efficiency 72%
  • Single Infusion Mash @66C

Malt Bill:




  1. Mash in with 3L to 1Kg grain bill approx. 24L Single Infusion Mash for 60 minutes or until conversion is complete.
  2. Fly Sparge with approx. 10L water to top up to pre-boil volume of 24 Litres into the Kettle.
  3. Fire up the Kettle and add your bittering hops at 60 minutes from end of boil.
  4. Maintain a rolling boil for a full 60 minutes, adding any yeast nutrient and clarification brewing aids like Irish Moss or a tab of Deltafloc @10 minutes from end of boil.
  5. Cool to 18-20C and pitch your Yeast.  NB: We recommend a healthy 2-3 days Yeast Starter as you are pitching a big beer here!
  6. Rough grind 135g of your favourite local freshly roasted coffee and dry hop into your secondary fermenter for 24-72 hours tasting until it hits your sweet spot!  Note: if you love coffee you can also do a rough grind and sparge over the grain bed post mash to take more coffee flavour through into your primary fermenter and if you a coffee maniac you can add cold drip coffee at time of barrel aging/transfer.
  7. Ferment warm at ale temperatures from 18-22C letting it free rise and wait until fully fermented out with two days successive final gravity readings before racking off into barrel.
  8. Transfer into barrel - we were lucky enough to get your hands on a 25L whisky barrel from one of Tasmania's oldest and most famous whisky distillery who shall forever remain nameless as part a local homebrew club bulk buy - thanks merri mashers home brew club - we love you guys and gals!
  9. Age for a minimum of 4 months tasting using a wine thief or similar and bottle or keg and condition when you feel the right depth and breadth of mix of coffee, vanilla, wood, oak and whisky character is reached in your iDicks!
  10. Pour into a goblet glass or similar, sit by a warm fire, pull up a chair in your finest dressing gown and slippers, grab a cuban cigar or put some baccy in your pipe and praise be to iDicks - what a winter winner warmer she is!