Katie Pie - Metheglin - Vanilla Cinnamon Spiced Apple Honey Mead - How to Make Mead - Apple Pie

Katie Pie - Metheglin - Vanilla Cinnamon Spiced Apple Honey Mead - How to Make Mead - Apple Pie

Dermott DowlingAug 21, '15
Mixing Metheglin MeadIMG_20150607_205441IMAG0319IMAG0320Katie Pie MetheglinKatie Pie MeadIMAG0486 Honey Pie! Katie Pie! Would you like some Meth? Yeah, meth darling? No no no not that stuff, yeah oh yeah, I know it burns your brains and your teeth fall out.  No this is Metheglin darling...what yes...metheglin darling...its mead...all natural honey made with honey and apple juice and spiced with vanilla and cinnamon.  Sound good darling? Right, leave it to me...time to make some mead...get my mead on...get meading...thanks Michael Fairbrother @moonlightmeadery for the tips on how to make a mead. I will be a much more appreciated homebrewer by the beloved at home now!  cheers #brewhappy Time to brew for the better half than always yours truly.  In the past I have put down a couple of ginger beers one which went down a treat, for my beloved Katie Pie see below: Xtreme Jinja Ninja One not so good :-( too much lemongrass was one of the issues and possibly a few others - welcome any builds and feedback from our ginger beer brewers and readers Jinja Thai Kick Boxer Having listened to and met Michael Fairbrother @Moonlight Meadery @anhc4 I was blown away by Michael's passion and enthusiasm for Mead and all its wondrous glory and his generosity of spirit for both sharing his fabulous Mead's with over 400 thirsty Aussie Homebrewers and also going one step further and sharing his story and recipe for his world famous Kurts Apple Pie  I was inspired to brew one in honour of my better half and hence call it Katie Pie Mead, although technically its a Metheglin...get the joke...want some Meth darling? Oh dear, on with the recipe! Thanks Michael for your great talk, time and sharing your wonderful Mead and recipe with us, if you want to brew your own at home its easy go follow the great detailed instructions given by Michael Fairbrother @Moonlight Meadery @anhc4 here: Michael Makes Mead Slides and Michael Makes Mead Audio.  I was lucky enough to chat and catch up with Michael again at GABS 2016 and enjoy even more of his fantastic mead and he threw me a free T-Shirt - top man Michael and do check out his great mead now available in Australia.

Katie Pie Metheglin

Vanilla and Cinnamon Spiced Apple Honey Mead

Metheglins have probably been around almost as long as traditional mead. By definition metheglins are traditional meads made with herbs and/or spices for flavoring, preserving, medicinal, or other purposes.

Brew Length:

  • 19 L


  • 3.3kg of Griffith's finest Orange Blossom Honey - thx Stu @VoyagerCraftMalt for your generous gift there mate!
  • 10L of quality Apple Juice - I used the wonderful local and excellent SummerSnowJuice Royal Gala - quick shout out to my great mates @SummerSnowJuice - Nick, Bernadette, Joe & Robert Russo & family - quality suppliers of fine apple juice to the Australian Craft Cider Industry
  • 7g Lavlin D47-ICV Wine Yeast thx Colin & Steve @BrewYourOwnAtHome in Kambah Village, Canberra for that one!
  • 5g Wyeast Wine Nutrient thx JP & the boys & girls @GrainandGrape my local home brew store for that one :-)

Brewing up some Meth...eglin:

  • Clean and sterilise all your equipment
  • NB: Don't boil the honey - you will drive off all the votatiles and health properties - they don't call it a "honeymoon" for nothing.  Mead was traditionally given to young wedding couples as a gift to assist with fertility health and happiness so don't boil the good stuff out of it!
  • Mix it with a warm water until liquid then add your Apple Juice, Yeast and Nutrient and let it ride brother or sister :-)
  • Please note it is advised to add the nutrient in doses throughout the fermentation.  For more detailed info on making Mead at Home I refer you to Michael's excellent talks above and below and some forum links below as well:

Fermentation and adding some Spice!

  • Did a primary fermentation in a beer fermenter (of your choosing)
  • Racked after a 4 weeks into a Glass Carboy
  • Dropped in two Vietnamese Cinnamon Scrolls & two Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (pods and scrapings from inside)
  • Left to condition and ferment out for a further 4 weeks.

Brewing Stats:

  • SG 1.10
  • FG 1.000  (leave it to ferment to 0 or as close to it as possible - this can take some time! months in fact, mine took 2 months to ferment out to terminal gravity)
  • Bulk Priming  - used 125g of table sugar
  • Bottled into 20 x 750ml Wine Bottles (Sparkling) and a few beer bottles. Note that if priming strong bottles are recommended to avoid bottle bombs!