Roger sees Red IPA | Beer Recipe

Roger sees Red IPA | Beer Recipe

Dermott Dowling
Roger our co-founder loves a good bold Hoppy Red Ale.  Roger also loves his mighty West Coast Eagles so when the mighty Eagles lost the AFL Grand Final in spectacular fashion to the Hawks this year Roger saw Red! We felt it was only appropriate the second edition of our 2015 Founder's Reserve range of brews was in honour of Roger our co-founder so we pico-brewed him up a lovely hoppy red ale with lots of big bold dank and resinous Crosby Idaho #6 Experimental Hops from start to finish and a good strong double dry hopping as well for good measure.  If you like Roger love a big bold Hoppy Red Ale you might like to have a crack at this recipe in your brewhouse or some other earlier hits like Russell's Sunset Red IPA  or can sit back Hoppy Red Ale in hand and watch Dave & Doug talk about brewing and malting the specialty limited release Mountain Goat India Red Ale which we have on good authority is coming soon again ....yipee....only on tap so stay tuned as this beer was in the top 10 Aussie craft beers on in the year of release and won a silver medal in class 10D Other IPA @AIBA2014. So on with the show and you go Roger - have a Hoppy Red Ale and cheer up - there's always next year mate for the Eagles :-)


14.B American IPA - A dark, intensely bitter, medium-bodied American IPA.


  • OG/FG/IBU 1.058 / 1.0145 / 65
  • SRM 39
  • ABV 5.7%
  • Water: 14.12 L Water Batch Size: 9.46 L (picobrew - double everything for 19L brew length)

Malt Bill:


Type                  Amount (g)    Alpha Acid %      Time

Crosby Idaho #6       20                                   10.3                             60 mins Crosby Idaho #6       10                                    10.3                             15 mins Crosby Idaho #6       10                                    10.3                             10 mins Crosby Idaho #6       10                                    10.3                               5 mins


3g of Irish Moss 10 mins remaining on the boil

Water Amendments

  • Calcium Sulfate 0.5 tsp
  • Calcium Chloride 0.5 tsp

Mash               Type                    Temp (C)            Time                                          Style

Single Step    Infusion Mash   66.7 degrees C  90 mins (includes ramp up) Infusion


  • 60 mins


Name                                   Expected AA%          Range Temp (C)        Pitch Temp (C) Danstar Nottingham           75                                 16.7 - 23.3                   20 You could also use any of the following fine liquid GigaYeast strains: GigaYeast British Ale #1 GY011

GigaYeast NorCal Ale #1 GY001

GigaYeast Vermont IPA GY054

Fermentation Directions

  • Normal Ale Fermentation
  • Start at 18 C and let free ride up to 20 C and keep temperature consistent for 7-10 Days before starting dry hop at end of primary ferment

Double Dry Hopping:

Type                  Amount (g/L)    Alpha Acid %      Contact Time

  1. Crosby Idaho #6       2                                        10.3                             72 hour
  2. Crosby Idaho #6       2                                        10.3                             72 hours

Fermentation Directions

  • Crash chill after double dry hop to 0-2 C for 48 hours before kegging or bottling - Prost!
Roger see Red IPA