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Blichmann Engineering | Homebrewing Equipment

Blichmann Engineering, offer only the most intuitively-designed, innovative, high-quality products for brewers who expect the same in their beers and wines. Their  name is synonymous with high-performing, reliable products, and that comes from the passion of our President and Founder, John Blichmann.

With over 25 years of homebrewing experience, John’s passion for designing quality equipment and his experience in product design, testing, manufacturing, and service led him to “retire” as an engineering supervisor so he could launch Blichmann Engineering and focus on designing the best brewing equipment. Ever since their beginning in 2001, they've had a solid focus on precise engineering, premium quality, unparalleled customer service, and superior product value. Like you, brewing is his serious hobby, but designing equipment for brewing and winemaking is his true passion. 

Their approach begins by addressing common industry problems, not merely updating existing equipment. That means you won’t find “me-too” products coming off their CAD systems.

Plus, they mean it when they put the “Made in USA” mark on our products. Blichmann Engineering buys American materials when possible, much of which comes from their hometown of Lafayette, Indiana. Other companies may weld a Chinese fitting in a Chinese kettle, use a few scant minutes of US labor, and pass the product off as US-made. But not them. When you see the "Made in USA" label, rest assured that you’re getting an actual US made product. In fact, over 70% of their product cost company wide is US content!

They believe homebrewing equipment should allow you to focus on the process, not the tedious management and monitoring often associated with low-grade equipment. Once you’ve experienced the patented innovations of Blichmann Engineering, you won’t want to go back. their unrivaled quality, efficiency and performance lets you focus on what matters most — your beer.