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Joe White (Boortmalt), in collaboration with bio-tech company Vivagran, have uncovered the hidden potential of a novel, naturally bred cereal: Tritordeum. After years of agronomic and malting research, Boortmalt is proud to unveil their Atlantis Malt Series.

Cádiz, one of the Capital cities of the mythical Kingdoms of Atlantis was, and still is, a haven of sweetness... and surf! Cádiz – the Sweet is made with 100% Tritordeum and provides brewers with a unique malt specialty featuring a distinctive, nutty and biscuity flavour profile.

Pack Sizes:

  • 5 Kg Bag
  • 25 Kg Sack (SAVE 23% OFF 5Kg Price)

Product Features:

As a result of a careful selection process and dedicated malting program, Cádiz – the Sweet provides brewers with:

  • Unique light golden colour
  • A pleasant and highly attenuated crisp beer with strong biscuity notes; and a touch of nutty, dry fruit aroma.
  • A lovely fine foam.

The Tritordeum Cereal:

A non-GMO cross between wild barley and durum wheat, Tritordeum is a unique hull-less grain which inherits beneficial agronomic traits from its parental species, such as disease resistance (rust, septoria), abiotic stress resistance (drought, heat, salinity) and nitrogen use efficiency.
Tritordeum is a great fit for organic farming and is currently thriving in the hands of
passionate farmers throughout Europe and Australia.
Our selected Tritordeum can provide a unique combination of high enzymatic power
and high extract, with the benefit of low beta-glucans.
Tritordeum has a record-high lutein content (10 X wheat) which greatly contributes to
the flavour profile and pigment of our Cádiz – the Sweet malt.
Cadiz Malt Flavour Wheel

Beer Styles:

  • Belgian Witbier
  • Hefeweizen
  • Weissbier
  • Hazy IPA
  • Hazy Pale Ale

Batch Analysis:

  • Lot: 0072 Best Before: 01 SEP 2025

Typical Profile

  • Colour: 5.0 - 10.0 EBC
  • Extract: > 80%
  • Enzymatic activity: 400-550 °WK
  • Beta-glucan: <100mg/l
  • Malted: Yes

Typical Analysis







Moisture % 4.8 5.0
Extract Fine Grind-Dry Basis, Congress % 78.2 77.0
Colour of Wort, Congress EBC 4.0 5.0 10.0
Diastatic Power, Dry Basis °WK 433 400
Total Protein, Dry Basis % 16.9 13.0
Soluble Protein, Dry Basis, Congress % 5.60 1.58
Kolbach Index, Congress % 33.1 33.0
Free Amino Nitrogen, Congress mg/l 140 120

Variety: %

  • Tritordeum 100%