Brew Your Own - BYO Magazine - October 2017 - Vol. 23, No. 6

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Brew Your Own - BYO Magazine

The How-To Homebrew Beer Magazine

October 2017, Vol. 23, No. 5

The past decade has been a time of immense growth for craft beer in London, changing the brewing landscape dramatically. We explore the new wave of craft beer and breweries taking over the iconic city, including four London clone recipes.
Cloning commercial beers is a time-honored tradition among homebrewers, and often the first beers we brew. BYO’s “Replicator” columnist shares his advice for formulating a good clone recipe, and shares some tips for advanced clone brewers.
Meadmakers have made significant advancements in speeding the fermentation and aging process in recent years. Learn about some of these new techniques, and how to create easy mead recipes.
Some breweries use coolships to cool their beers, which are wide, shallow vessels. Others use barrels to ferment. If you’re a homebrewer who likes to build things, you can do both — in the same vessel!
If you want to take your home brews to the next level, master some of the ways to get your post-boil wort’s pH within the happy range of around 5.1–5.5.
Often described as a wheat saison, grisette is a unique beer style that is becoming more popular among homebrewers and craft brewers alike after taking home the Best of Show at the 2017 National Homebrew Competition.
Pumpkin beers don’t always have to taste like pumpkin pie. We get advice from three brewers on brewing with gourds, including unique pumpkin beer styles.
Even if you keg your homebrew, having bottles available is often beneficial for easy transporting and submitting beers for competitions: Enter, counter-pressure bottling.
Easily control the temperature of your wort with this immersion chiller that is attached to your fermenter’s lid.
Grist ratio — the amount of each ingredient going into your mash, or even partial mash — is critical.
Two homebrewers who won the Ninkasi Award share their story, and their two winning recipes.
Learn techniques to brew a kveik beer, and find a clone recipe for Right Proper Brewing Co.’s Hyperborea.
The Wizard fields questions on water chemistry for brew-in-a-bag brewers, and the impact hops have on gravity readings.