Barbed Magnetic Drive Pump | 13mm | Green Demon | 25 Watt


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Upgrade your Brewery with the all new barbed magnetic driven pump. The green demon!

To upgrade your 65L BrewZilla Gen 4, you will need to perform some light electrical terminal rewiring. This pump comes prefitted with blade and circle connectors to swap out the standard 6 watt pump. You will need to re-use the grommet fitting so be gentle when taking it off the 6w pump.

Standard Configuration - No additional fittings/hoses required
This configuration is a direct swap out of the 6w pump to the 25w pump. Utilising the tee splitter and the original hosing that comes with the 65L Gen 4 BrewZilla.
It does help a little bit if you use the outlet elbow piece on the inlet, and vice versa as the 25w pump is slightly taller than the 6w stock standard pump.

Alternative Configuration ~ Oli's Hail Mary
For this method you will need about a 165mm piece of 12mm ID hosing, preferably braided. You cannot use normal silicone hosing for this. This method does not use the tee piece of ball valve. It solely relies on the bigger 25w pump to do all of the transferring/recirculating needs.


  • Voltage: 220-240 at 50-60hz
  • Max Head: 3.4m
  • Max Flow: 19L/min
  • Wiring: Fork and Ring Connectors fitted with insulation sheath.
  • Fittings: 13mm Male Barb

Please Note: Like almost all centrifugal pumps, do not run this pump dry.

Please Note: This pump can also be used around your brewery, but you will need an electrician to fit a 10a plug to it. Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 120C it can handle the boil directly without the need to cool before use. Extremely efficient 1.1 amp pump which can be run continuously at elevated temperatures.