2.5L PET Amber Bottles


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Size: 1 Bottle

We are pleased to introduce to you some Food Grade PET plastic, re-useable bottles with screw caps.

Easy to use and reuse and recycle.  These 2.5L PET Bottles are a great alternative to traditional glass bottles as there is no need for a capping tool.

Benefits of PET Plastic Bottles are they are lighter than glass so easier and safer to transport.

Bonus: Shaped and coloured to resemble a traditional style beer bottle.

These handy to use and reuse and recycle PET Pub Pets are a perfect picnic and bbq companion to share with friends and family.  Great to pour some beer off the Kegerator for a party or to take over to your friends place.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Pack Sizes and Options:

  • 2.5 Litres Individual Bottles
  • Carton of 9 (SAVE 27% OFF Single Bottle Price)