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Size: 20 Litres


Tasmanian Cask Company finest ex Lawrenny Estate Distillery 20 Litre Oak Whisky Barrels!  These casks have a beautiful life history to tell and will continue to hold amazing liquid libations for you!

Our Search is Your Satisfaction!

We are thrilled to share some smaller size barrels originally coopered at the Tasmanian Cask Co in Tasmania and previously filled with Lawrenny Estate Distillery Whisky. 

We have heard your cries for some high quality sustainable reusable barrels with a story to tell so please read on...

1st Life:

These casks started life as virgin American White Oak ex 200L Heaven Hill American Oak Bourbon Barrels.  Heaven Hill Bourbon is made from a mash composed of 78% corn, 10% rye, and 12% malted barley. The barrels used for aging have a #3 char.

2nd Life:

These barrels were transported to Tasmania where the Tasmanian Cask Company coopered down to 20L shaved and charred by Australia's own Tasmanian Cask Co just outside Hobart. These barrels then held the first whisky that was produced at Lawrenny Estate Distillery to become part of the award winning Ascension Limited Release. Single Malt Whisky.  They were then infused/seasoned with Lawrenny Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur before being filled back up with Lawrenny Bourbon Cask Single Malt Whisky to be released for The Whisky Club

3rd Life:

These barrels are now looking for their 3rd home.  Our Search is Your Satisfaction!

Can you look after these barrels and store your own liquid libation? What about a Big Imperial Stouts? Or a Rich Robust Porter? Perhaps a Maize heavy Pilsner or Golden Rich Lager, maybe an aged honey mead? So many great choices! Do not delay as these casks will fly out the door!

Cask Dimensions and Weight:

  • 31 cm Head Diameter
  • 45 cm High
  • 34 cm Bilge
  • Gross Weight: 12 Kg
  • Volume: minimum 20 Litres

Marketing Notice - Buyer Beware!

These barrels have spent their 1st life in an internationally renown US Bourbon Distillery then onto one of Australia's most premium Independent craft whisky distillery.  Their logos are still on the barrels and under no circumstances are customers allowed to leverage or use the former whisky distillers name in the marketing of their own beverages should you be a commercial brewer or distiller who is keen to use their barrels. 

By all means you are allowed store your beer or spirit in these barrels and give them a generous 3rd life and your allowed to market the story but you are NOT ALLOWED to mention any brand(s) formerly housed in these wonderful oak barrels without the express written permission of the previous brand owner(s).

Learn More about Lawrenny Estate Distillery:

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