2L 64oz Amber Glass Growler Bottle With 38mm 400 Screw Neck (Pallet 240)


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Title: 240 x 2L | Pallet
High Quality 2L (64oz) Amber Glass Growler Bottles with 38mm 400 Screw Neck made in Taiwan and available for sale as Singles or packed into Cartons of 6 with dividers for safe transit.
Growlers have proved popular for home and craft brewers for a wide variety of reasons most importantly sustainability and reuse.
Give your customers the chance to take home fresh off the tap beer in high quality Amber Glass Growlers that help preserve and prolong the freshness and quality of your finest award winning ales and lagers.   Well, what are you waiting for?
NOTE: Link below to recent ATO (Australian Tax Office) announcement on excise for repackaging into Growlers
Pack Size and Options:
  • Carton of 6 X 2L: 64oz Amber Glass Growler Bottle With 38mm 400 Screw Neck (SAVE 24% OFF SINGLE GROWLER PRICE)
  • Pallet of 240 X 2L: 64 fl oz Amber Amber Glass Growler Bottle With 38mm 400 Screw Neck also available on BeerCo.com.au Marketplace (SAVE 21% OFF CARTON GROWLER PRICE)
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Closures Included:
  • 3832P: 38mm 400 Black ABS Celloseal Wadded Screw Cap
  • Height: 12mm Diameter: 40.8mm Neck Finish: 38-400 Neck Finish Size (mm): 38mm
  • Lingin: Cello
  • Material: ABS
  • Colour: Black
  • Shape: Round
Carton Packaging: 28 cm x 41 cm x 26 cm High (outer + dividers included)


Attribute Value
Unit of Measure Pallet of 240 (Cartons of 6)
Style Growler
Capacity 2 Litres / 64 oz
Weight (Kg) 1.1 Kg
Height 25 cm
Diameter 13 cm
Neck Finish 38mm 400
Neck Finish Size (mm) 38mm
Material Glass
Colour Amber
Shape Round

Product SKU Code: TG64GQA

Made in Taiwan.