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South Australia Cooperage finest ex Starward Whisky Distillery 50 Litre Barrels!

Our Search is Your Satisfaction! We are thrilled to share some smaller size barrels originally coopered at SA Cooperage in South Australia and previously filled with Starward Whisky.  We have heard our customers cries for some high quality sustainable reusable barrels with a story to tell so please read on...

1st Life:

These barrels were coopered by Australia's own South Australia Cooperage just outside Adelaide.  These barrels have held Starward Whisky for a few years.  Recently disgorged, these barrels smell devine and are still wet with the remnants of the finest well rested Starward Whisky.

2nd Life:

These barrels are now looking for their 2nd home.  Our Search is Your Satisfaction! Can you look after these barrels and store your own precious clean or sour beer or spirit?

Marketing Notice - Buyer Beware!

These barrels have spent their 1st life at one of Australia's most awarded premium whisky distillers.  Their logos have been shaved from the barrels and under no circumstances are customers allowed to leverage or use the former whisky distillers name in the marketing of their own beverages should you be a commercial brewer or distiller who is keen to use their barrels.  By all means you are allowed store your beer or spirit in these barrels and give them a generous 2nd life and your allowed to market the story but you are NOT ALLOWED to mention any brand(s) formerly housed in these wonderful oak barrels.