AlcoEngine Reflux Still


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The Alcoengine Reflux Still has been designed to create high percentage pure neutral spirit.

It uses flow management technology tat is robust and easy to use. There is no need to worry about water pressures and fine tuning of water flow speeds. The FM design gives you direct control of the reflux ratio and therefore the purity of your end product.

For enthusiasts wanting to make clean pure neutral spirit.

The whole system is designed to save, time, money and parts, and fit in one box for easier storage.

Designed for use with the Digiboil 35 L, please note a Distilling Lid or Copper Dome is required.

Also recommended to use the InkBird Temperature Controller or MKII Temp Controller to monitor the temperature, **please note that these devices will require you to upgrade to the Replacement 4mm Probe and will void any warranties**. 

No more stuffing around with water flow speed!

Some stills are hard to operate and require fine tuning of the water flow in the condenser.  This means that you have to constantly adjust the flow of water/coolant to get consistent results.  This still however is a FM design which controls the flow of spirit directly.  The flow of the coolant/water doesn't need to be controlled making the still far easier to operate than others.  The purity of the spirit can also be controlled by using the different flow control inserts included with the kit (1.0mm hole and a 0.6mm hole).  As the hole gets smaller the speed of which the spirit comes out of the still will decrease and this will in turn increase your reflux ratio and therefore give you higher purity. Typically the 1.0mm insert is good for stripping runs and then on the final cut you can use the 0.6mm insert.  Alternatively you can use the ball valve to control the spirit flow too.

Solid Copper
Unlike stainless steel stills and stills that are only copper plated, this still is made from solid copper.  When your hot spirit comes in contact with copper the copper acts like a catalytic converter and drives sulphur out of the spirit.  This process means you get less "off-flavours" and you simply get better quality spirit.  


  • Lead free brass
  • Lead free silver soldering
  • High quality manufacture
  • Super easy to use and will yield results as high as 96% alcohol
  • Australian Design

Alcoengine Reflux Still Instruction PDF

 For more information on how to use these stills watch this video: