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American Oak Fans (oak staves) offer controllable oak-integration.  American oak with plenty of impact: Barrel-like oak contribution with toast, charcuterie and vanilla characters.

This oak has the ability to highlight bright red fruit aromatics as well as underpin darker fruit on the palate. The fire-toasted oak provides depth to the mid-palate as well as line and length.

Lots of impact. An alternative to a new, toasty American oak barrel.

These American Oak Fans are approximately 910 mm long, 40 mm wide and 10 mm thick.

American Oak Fans are available across a range of oak and toast options.

American Oak ‘Balance AB’


  • Fire


  • Quercus Alba


  • Sweet, toasty oak and vanilla.


  • Toasty cedar oak with hints of char and vanilla.


  • Structural oak, with lots of impact for length.

Lots of oak impact here – cedar, toast and vanilla impact.

Recommended Applications

The ‘fan’ pack can be used during alcoholic and malolactic fermentations as well as for maturation applications. The surface-to-volume ratio provides optimum control over the transfer of oak flavours and characteristics.

The pack has been designed for easy installation across small to medium sized tanks (i.e. as small as 1000L and up to 25kL tanks.

Applications of between one square meter and three square metres per 1000 litres of wine delivers the required integration sought by winemakers.  Trials are still underway with Brewers and Distillers and we welcome your feedback on dosing levels to

The surface area/weight ratio of these ‘fans’ provides for moderate uptake of oak flavours.

Single use for medium to long term extraction time has delivered low integration rates across six-to-12 months.

Multiple use aimed at short-term extraction times can also be managed for high extraction across a shorter timeframe (one-to-three months).

Please note: The dosage rates are recommendations only and individual trials according to grape varieties, liquid (beer or spirit or wine) and desired outcomes are highly recommended.

Pack Sizes:

  • 2 metre square Oak Fan
  • 910 mm long x 40 mm wide x 10 mm thick staves
  • 22 staves per fan pack

Dosage rate:

An application rate of one-to-three square metres in 1000 litres of wine delivers the required integration sought by winemakers.

However, this product can be used at low rates for medium to long-term extraction times (six-to-12 months), as well as higher rates for short-term extraction times (one-to-three months).

*Please note: The dosage rates are recommendations only and individual trials, carried out according to grape varieties and desired outcomes, are highly recommended.


The oak is seasoned at the mill in North America for two winters, where it receives an annual precipitation of 1600mm (plus snow) prior to shipment to our cooperage in the Barossa. The oak then spends another two-to-six months in our seasoning yard for further conditioning, which further enhances the unique properties, and to stabilise the moisture content.

Technical Specifications

Complete with stainless steel wire and carabiner (snap hook) for securing to existing rings, lugs or the tank lid. BeerCo packages our ‘fans’ to ensure freshness and to keep packaging materials to a minimum.  No assembly is required.  The dry weight of each pack is between 5.1 and 5.3Kg per pack