Still Spirits | American Oak | Infusion Carboy Spiral | Medium Toast


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Still Spirits American Oak Medium Toast Infusion Carboy Spiral is clean and easy to use.

The Spiral shape achieves maximum accelerated extraction time.

Infusion spirals provide simple and fast extraction of oak aroma and flavour at a fraction of the price of a barrel. They are also really easy to add to bottles or a carboy and remove afterwards, there is no need to filter out chips.

These can used in spirits, wine, beer and cider.

Beer, spirits and cider: Use 1 spiral (20cm / 8") per 11 L (3 US Gal) for 3 - 6 weeks or until desired flavour is achieved.

Wine: Use 1 spiral (20cm / 8") per 11 to 23 L (3  to 6 US Gal), for 6 weeks or until desired flavour is achieved.

Contains toasted oak stave wood (approx. 20cm (8") length).

US Pat. No. 7357069

Made in the USA.