American Oak Mini Staves - Balance A


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Size: 1 Mini Stave

American Oak Mini Staves (oak planks) offer controllable oak-integration.

These Mini Staves are approximately 180mm long, 50mm wide and 10mm thick.

American Oak Mini Staves are available across a range of oak and toast options.

American Oak ‘Balance A’


  • Convection


  • Baking spices and toast. Cedar. Vanilla.


  • Cedar oak with a hint of bacon bone.


  • Rich front and mid Palate. Fine silky tannins and subtle toast deliver length.

This oak type adds volume and richness.

Recommended Applications

The ‘mini staves’ offer modified surface-to-volume ratio to provide the winemaker with optimum control for a moderately swift transfer of oak flavours and characteristics.

To be used in alcoholic and malolactic fermentations as well as maturation applications.

Pack Sizes:

  • Single Mini Staves
  • 5 x Mini Staves (SAVE 20% OFF Single Mini Stave Price)
  • 5 Kg Tank Bag of Mini Staves (BUY IN BULK AND SAVE!)

This product is a practical alternative to longer ‘tank planks’.

Dosage rate:

An application rate of one-to-three square metres in 1000 litres of wine delivers the required integration sought by winemakers.

However, this product can be used at low rates for medium to long-term extraction times (six-to-12 months), as well as higher rates for short-term extraction times (one-to-three months).

*Please note: The dosage rates are recommendations only and individual trials, carried out according to grape varieties and desired outcomes, are highly recommended.