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Tub: 1 KG
Archibald's Orange Blossom is produced only from Australian Orange groves. This honey has a very distinct flavour, a unique citrus after taste. This is a honey with a difference, but still completely natural – no additives at all. Orange blossom honey production is specialized in a very short flowering, season and so is not as plentiful as other varieties. We recommend you try this honey if you like making a light aromatic mead, cyser or metheglin. Archibald's Orange Blossom Honey is a very aromatic, especially light coloured honey.

Archibald’s Orange Blossom is 100% Pure Australian Honey

Pack Sizes:

  • 1 Kg Plastic Tub
  • 3 Kg Plastic Tub (SAVE 15% OFF 1Kg Tub Price)
  • 14 Kg Plastic Tub (SAVE 6% OFF 1Kg Tub Price)
  • 27 Kg Plastic Tub 

Guidance and Use:

  • Use 1 part Orange Blossom Honey to 3 parts water or juice when making your mead or cyser

Archibald's Honey History:

In 1920, Mr. James Archibald bought a farm in the Mallee in Victoria Australia with beehives on it and as a result, his son Robert developed a keen, life long interest in bees and honey. Robert being a commercial beekeeper, did not agree with honey bought and sold on colour, as was the case in those days. Robert Archibald was so adamant, that honey should be sold on flavour, that he started packing and selling honey varieties as we see today. This was the beginning of Archibald Honey – A proudly Australian family owned business we are proud to support and partner at BeerCo. Archibald Honey are
  • 4th generation producers. 3rd generation packers.
  • Only 100% Pure Australian Honey Since 1959
  • Archibald's Honey specialize in Australian floral source honey varieties
Archibald Honey values: Archibald Honey only sell top grade premium Australian honey. All Archibald's honey is produced away from cities and their pollutants. Archibald's choose proven old natural methods over using chemicals on their bee’s. Archibald's do not feed their bee’s sugar syrups to increase their ‘honey’ production. Instead, they leave enough honey on their bee’s for them to eat between honey flows. They process the honey as little as possible, to keep all the nutrients intact. Archibald's only warm the honey until it is liquid then run it through a bag strainer that collects any large particles and most of the beeswax. The warming process is unique to Archibald's, it leaves honey that is not damaged or burnt by heat and honey that lasts a decent amount of time in the jar before starting to crystallize. This is ideal when you are looking to make a natural full flavour mead, metheglin or cyser.