Astrapouch® 64 fl. oz. 1.89 Litres Beer Growler


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The Astrapouch® 64 fl. oz. 1.89 Litres Beer Growler is here!

Astrapouch® 64oz 1.89 L Amber Beer Growler Pouch

Flexible Packaging for Carbonated Beverages

Introducing AstraPouch’s new flexible-packaging growler, custom-designed to keep your beer fresher, longer! Perfect for microbreweries, brewpubs, and more, the new 64oz / 1.89 Litres Beer Growler Astrapouch features a dark amber colour to protect against UVA/UVB light and a smaller head space to preserve the carbonation and quality of your product. Plus, it’s made with the same sturdy construction and recyclable materials you count on in all AstraPouch products and includes our patented screw cap that cracks open to reduce pressure if needed.


Additional information:

Volume: 64oz 1.89 Litres

Possible Uses:  Beer, Kombucha, Soda & Seltzer, Spirits

Case Quantity:

  • Single Astrapouch®
  • 50 pack (SAVE 15% OFF Single Astrapouch® Price)
  • 400 Pack Carton (SAVE 27% OFF Single Astrapouch® Price)

AstraPouch®’s flexible Beer Growler Pouch are the glass growler alternatives that fill faster, store smarter, and cost less.

The Superior Alternative to Glass

For years glass has been the go-to delivery vehicle for beer and other carbonated beverages. Now, thanks to advances in flexible packaging technology, there are better options.

Features include:

  • Vented Screw Cap cracks open to relieve pressure
  • Grower - standard 33m mouth for easy filling
  • Integrated handle hole using less plastic material
  • Reduced headspace to preserve carbonation
  • Amber Colour for UVA/UVB protection
  • Reusable and Recyclable
  • Grab and Go Design for Portability
  • 64 oz / 1.89 Litres fill line requires no guessing

Pourfect for Breweries, BrewPubs, Restaurants and More

The innovative beer growler pouches are a win-win-win, with benefits for the brewery, the beer drinker, and the environment.

Why AstraPouch® flexible Beer Growler Pouch is Better

Brewery Benefits

  • Costs less: than glass growlers
  • Saves space: 1 case of flat pouches = 1 - 2 pallets of glass growlers
  • Weighs less: easier and quicker to fill

Consumer Benefits

  • Cutting edge flex-packaging technology: beer stays fresher, longer
  • User friendly: easy to carry, and goes where glass can’t
  • Convenient & reusable: fill, enjoy, repeat

Environmental Benefits

  • Recyclable: just toss in the recycling when you're done
  • Reusable: easily washes out so you can use it again
  • Reduces your carbon footprint: by 80-85% compared to glass