Oak Whisky Barrel - 300L- ex Henschke Wines ex AU Whisky


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If your interested in freshly emptied large ex AU Wine ex AU Whisky barrels please do not hesitate to Send us an email or give us a call on 0490 501 392

Our Search is Your Satisfaction! We are thrilled to share and make available a truly special Rare Barrel...

We have secured a single Rare Barrel that started its life as a Henschke | Exceptional Wines Barrel before moving onto become an Australian Whisky Barrel for another few years.

Henschke | Exceptional Wines is an independent family owned winemaker world renown for producing wines of exceptional quality including the acclaimed Hill of Grace.  For a glance at the beauty bestowed on their wines and this Rare Barrel feel free to enjoy this gem of a Video.

This Rare Barrel is 300L.  Do not Delay - It will Disappear in Days! 

Marketing Notice - Buyer Beware!

This 300L Oak Barrel has spend its fills of its life at Henschke | Exceptional Wines Barrel before moving onto become an Australian Whisky Barrel for another few years.

Logos may be shaved from the barrel and under no circumstances are customers allowed to leverage or use the former winemakers and distillers names in the marketing of their own beverages should you be a commercial brewer or distiller who is keen to use this rare and prescious barrel.  By all means you are allowed store your beer or spirit in this barrel and give it another generous life and your allowed to market the story but you are NOT ALLOWED to mention any brand(s) that formerly housed amazing wine or spirit in this glorious barrel.