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Step into all grain brewing the quick, easy and affordable way with Brew In A Bag - BIAG - Commercial Quality Grain Bag. Place your crushed or milled grains in this high quality food grade nylon grain bag and then place the bag inside your Kettle or Crown Urn or Mash Tun. BIAG is a great way to learn all grain brewing with a no / low mess approach and fast and easy way to allow you to do single vessel brewing at home. These Brew In A Bag, grain bags are manufactured from food grade nylon with reinforced seams.

Features include:

  • 8 reinforced lifting loops
  • Draw string to secure bag to top of pot
  • Round flat bottom
  • Tapered shape for easy lifting and draining


  • 75 cm diameter top
  • 35 cm diameter bottom
  • 70 cm deep/long

More than sufficient for your average 21 L / 5 US gallon brew length.

Brew In A Bag - BIAB - All Grain Brewing Tutorials

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