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These leaves come from the Birch trees of Albania, birch is a deciduous tree native to the Northern hemisphere.  The leaves are commonly used to infuse flavours and aromas in gin and wintergreen tasting tea. Birch leaves have a pleasant fragrant odour along with a earthy bitter taste.

What is Birch Beer? It is a carbonated drink made from birch tree essential oil and birch sap derived from the Black Birch Tree. People often use the terms ‘birch beer’ and ‘root beer’ interchangeably but they are not the same. Birch beer, root beer, and sarsaparilla indeed belong to the same family [Root Beers] but these beverages are far from the same.

The overarching flavor of birch beer is a minty, wintergreen taste. The beverage also has underlying notes of earthy, sweet, and creaminess but it can taste spicy depending on whether additives such as nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, or cloves are present in your recipe.



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  • 100g
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Common Name: Birch 

Botanical Name: Betula Alba

Country of Origin: Albania

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