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BoilerMaker – The Best Brewing Kettle. Period.

  • Best Construction – Made in America from high quality US stainless steel, single piece seamless construction, and 100% US labor.
  • Cleanest Design – Easy to maneuver, showcase appearance, no clutter to get in the way.
  • Best Warranty – LIFETIME.
  • Best Standard Accessories – Don’t pay extra for a thermometer, dip tub or level gauge. They’re included with the BoilerMaker!
  • Best Valve – Disassemble in seconds for cleaning, best flow adjustment, orient in any direction, orientation prevents kinked hoses.
  • Best Optional Accessories – Hands down best false bottom for mashing, HopBlocker™, AutoSparge™ and many more all made in the USA.
  • Best Handles – Rivet free clean design, cool touch grips, oriented for easy carrying.
  • Best Thermometers – Intuitive BrewMometer™ or Bluetooth interactive BrewVision® thermometer.
  • Best Support – With hundreds of local retailers and direct factory support we can answer any question you may have quickly.


This fresh design reflects the Blichmann Engineering passion for quality, ergonomics, aesthetics, performance, and simplicity — from such innovations as the stepped bottom, patented Button Louver™ false bottom, patented HopBlocker™, patent pending easy to adjust linear flow valve and snap-in dip tube. From subtle, but essential features like handle orientation for easier carrying, cool touch grips and a lid handle that can be conveniently rested on the kettle or anywhere in the brewery.

All the items you need come standard, installed, and ready to use:

  • Heavy gauge, 304 single piece, deep drawn, weld-free American made construction will turn this kettle into a family heirloom*. We are so impressed with the quality of this kettle that we have given it a limited lifetime warranty!
  • Patent pending G2 linear flow valve allows you to easily fine tune your flow rate for sparging, lautering and chilling, increasing the repeatability of your system. The built in 90 degree outlet can be oriented at any angle to make hose routing simple and kink-free. Eliminate those extra elbows and other fittings on the valve for clean and simple routing. Unlike other valves, the new G2 valve disassembles in seconds for a quick cleaning! The cool-touch silicone grip makes handling under fire easy, and the silicone material handles temps to 600° F so it won't melt like vinyl grips on ball valves do. The G2 linear flow valve is one of the many features tailored specifically for brewers. See the graph below for more details! This valve is a customer favorite!
  • We've also moved to a sleek brush finish to hide finger-prints and water stains to keep your kettle looking impeccable for years to come. Plus the interior finish is silky smooth for easy cleaning.
  • High-impact glass-filled nylon handles are extremely durable, high temperature resistant, comfortable, and cool to the touch.
  • We've even thought of the little touches like changing to an open lip on the top of the kettle that won't trap water when cleaning and drip leaving water stains.
  • Blichmann Engineering™ was the innovator of the 1.2 height to diameter ratio not the imitator! All of our pots perform consistently and flawlessly with brewers needs at the forefront.
  • Includes adjustable viewing angle BrewMometer™ with our unique patented brewing dial face - the ultimate in brewing convenience, or upgrade to our interactive wireless BrewVision® thermometer!
  • Standard heavy-duty borosilicate glass level gauge never clouds or scratches. Features rugged stainless steel guard with engraved volume graduations in gallon and liter, cleaning brush and clean-out ports. Much easier and more accurate than internal graduations. It will also act as a mash manometer and warn you of impending stuck mashes!
  • Exclusive snap-in dip tube design installs without tools and drains to within 3/8” of the bottom of the kettle!
  • Handle orientation that makes carrying easier and the lid can be stored on the kettle handle.
  • Our exclusive Patented stepped ledge on the bottom of the kettle supports the mash screen evenly and virtually eliminates sidewall shunting.
  • Optional Patented button louver false bottom is a hybrid of a perforated screen (high-efficiency) and a slotted manifold (plug resistance) that gives you the best of both!
  • Optional Patented HopBlocker™ pellet hop filtration system keeps hops and hot break out of your fermentor.

Because of our commitment to continuous product improvement, design details may vary from the photos shown.

This graph explains why the flow of the G2 linear flow valve is easier to adjust than a ball valve. Ball valves are an economical and durable choice for on/off applications. But they are not ideal for flow control. A globe valve, like the new G2 linear flow valve, is ideal for applications where flow control is needed in addition to on/off operation. We have added a parabolic shape to the valve stem to make the flow characteristics nearly linear.

What does this mean and why is this ideal in this application? Looking at the blue line of the graph below, the G2 valve has a direct relationship between flow and position of the valve (a straight line). Specifically, when the valve is 1/4th (25%) open the flow is 1/4th (25%) of the maximum flow rate. At 1/2 open (50%) it is at half the max flow rate and so on. Therefore feathering the flow for sparging, lautering etc. is very intuitive and easy to control. The ball valve (the red line), on the other hand, has a flow that is not directly proportional to the position of the handle. When the valve is opened 1/4th of the way (25%), it puts out about 1/2 (50%) of its total flow. At half open (50%), it puts out about 3/4 (75%) of its full flow. This makes trimming the flow a little tricky.

 Sizing Guide

Crucial to optimal performance of your new BoilerMaker™ brew pot is selecting the size that best fits your brewing needs. Selecting a brew pot, mash tun, or hot liquor tank (HLT) that's too small, or too big, can cause frustration and poor performance.

Boil Kettles: We recommend always doing a full wort boil, as do most brewing texts and advanced brewers. This minimizes the addition of top-up water to compensate for boil-off, and starting with the volume called for in your recipe will let you know early in the process if you've hit your target gravity, giving you more time to correct the problem. Also, you'll get more consistent hop utilization by sticking to the recipe volumes, as utilization changes significantly with specific wort gravity. Last, but certainly not least, is boil-over prevention. Having enough head space will keep this irritating problem at bay.

We recommend a boil kettle approximately 2 times the size of the finished batch size. Although this may seem a bit much, a 10 gallon batch will typically start with a 13 to 14 gallon pre-boil once you compensate for cooling contraction, transfer losses, and boil-off. This will allow for a reasonable head space to reduce boil-over problems. For example, if you're a 10 gallon batch brewer, you'd select the 20 gallon BoilerMaker™ brew pot as your boil kettle.

Mash Vessels: We recommend filling your mash vessel to no more than 80% of capacity. This will allow sufficient space for dough-in of the grains and additions of sparge water and sparge arms, etc. The chart below includes various water-to-grist ratios to assist you in your selection. The green column is our recommended water-to-grist ratio. Minimum volumes are to ensure that the thermometer probe is adequately submerged and also that you have an adequate grain bed depth for proper wort filtration. We've designed the BoilerMaker™ brew pot sizes to seamlessly blend from size to size, so you'll never need to sacrifice.

Hot Liquor Tanks: We recommend sizing your HLT the same size as your mash tun to ensure you have plenty of sparge water available on brew day.

Recommended Three Kettle Systems For Typical Batch Sizes (HLT / Mash / Boil)

5 gal batch: 7.5/7.5/10 or for high gravity beers consider a 10 / 10 / 10

  • 10 gal batch: 15 / 15 / 20

15-20 gal batch: 20 / 20 / 30
32 gal batch: 55 / 55 / 55 (recommended) or 30 / 55 / 55
64 gal batch: 100 / 100 / 100 (our 55 gal pot with the 2bbl extension)
We offer a hole plug so that you can install the BrewMometer™in multiple locations, which is great for doing multiple batch sizes on one pot!

For doing multiple-sized batches with the same equipment, please see the FAQ tab for recommendations.

Made in the USA

The BoilerMaker™ G2 brew kettles have been completely redesigned from the ground up with world-class American engineering and quality US manufacturing! We've made a massive investment in tooling to build the best kettle on the planet right here at home. Don't be fooled by our competitors' misleading claims of US construction - we're more than a Chinese fitting welded into a Chinese kettle with a few minutes of US labor. We use US made steel that is significantly higher quality and more corrosion resistant than Chinese stainless. Our kettles are deep draw in one piece in a US factory. This process hardens the material for even more durability. And the lack of welds means no damage to the stainless from heat and no abusive grinding to smooth the welds. We finish the assembly with US components in our facility in Indiana. Yeah, even the box is US made. Even our accessories, like our amazing patented false bottom and HopBlocker™, are made right here in Indiana. We use only the best materials, selected and designed by our team of in-house brewing engineers who know that the difference is in the details! That's why the BoilerMaker™ G2 line of brew kettles are ideal for brewing – sacrificing neither features or quality and available in perfect sizes. You'll find the BoilerMaker™ G2 your best value and will be handed down for generations to come! All models carry a limited lifetime warranty and available in Celsius or Fahrenheit models. Yeah, we're that confident in our quality!

BoilerMaker™ G2Assembly, Operation, & Maintenance Manual