BSY-A010 San Diego Bluestone Yeast

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BSY-A010 San Diego Bluestone Yeast has a clean character that preforms well at standard ale temps but for exceptionally crisp ales you can brew between 14-16º C. However for crystal clear beers filtration or fining is required.

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      Strain Type

      • American Ale


      • Medium-Low


      • 73-75%

      Temperature Range

      • 16–22° C 

      Alcohol Tolerance

      • 12%

      Similar to:

      • OYL-004 Omega Yeast
      • WLP001 White Labs
      • WY1056 Wyeast
      • US-05 Safale Fermentis by LeSaffre
      • BRY-97 LalBrew West Coast Ale Yeast

      Suitable Beer Styles:

      American IPA; Blonde Ale; Brown Ale; Old Ale; Pale Ale; Red Ale; Porter; Imperial Stout; Stout; Double IPA; Wheat Beer