BSY-A038 Bergen Bluestone Yeast


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BSY-A038 Bergen Bluestone Yeast is named after the region in Norway where Lars Marius Garshol isolated a number of traditional yeast strains.

BSY-A038 Bergen is traditionally used in the production of Norwegian Farmhouse Ale, this strain is a fast fermenter with good attenuation, a light earthy spiciness, marked tartness and unique ester profile of orange peel.

The BSY-A038 Bergen strain is prone to forming incredibly large flocs unlike any other yeast we’ve seen before, yet still remains highly attenuative.

BSY-A038 Bergen also exhibits the ability to ferment wort over a large temperature range, 21–37 ºC. At the cooler end of the range.

BSY-A038 Bergen is clean; producing little to no esters and phenols, but builds a huge fruit ester profile as the temperature increases.

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Suggested Beer Styles

  • American IPA; Blonde IPA; Brown Ale; Double IPA; Hazy IPA; Porter; Red Ale; Stout

    Strain Type

    • Kveik


    • High


    • 73-78%

    Temperature Range

    • 21–37° C 

    Alcohol Tolerance

    • 12%

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