BSY-L005 Pilsen Bluestone Yeast


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BSY-L005 Pilsen Bluestone Yeast strain combines good flocculation characteristics with low sulfur and low diacetyl.

BSY-L005 Pilsen makes a clean fermentation producing amazing bock, helles, pilsner, dunkles, and just about any other lager style you throw its way.

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Suggested Beer Styles

  • Pilsner; Munich Helles; Munich Dunkel; Festbier; Marzen; Schwarzbier; Helles Bock; Dunkels Bock; Doppelbock; Eisbock

    Strain Type

    • Lager


    • Medium


    • 70-74%

    Temperature Range

    • 10–16° C 

    Alcohol Tolerance

    • 10%

    Similar to:

    • SafLager S-23 Fermentis
    • OYL-101 Omega
    • WLP800 White Labs
    • 2001 WYeast