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101 homebrew recipes, key brewing techniques & tips for making your own American IPA, English IPA, Double IPA and Newer Variations of IPA


  • English IPA

The Original India Pale Ale, English IPA is on the lower end of the IPA Hop Spectrum so that the bitterness does not overpower the fermentation and malt character. 12 English IPA recipes are shared for you to brew your own at home.
  • American IPA

A bold hop character should always be up front in American IPA, as should a strong bitterness. The West Coast variant takes that hoppiness further and the hop character is front and centre as the star. Enjoy 36 American IPA recipes to brew your own at home.
  • Double IPA

For the homebrewer who has never said not adding more hops, Double IPA (or imperial IPA, as it is sometimes referred) is a beer bigger in alcohol strength, hop bittering, and hop character than standard India Pale Ale. Gather up all your hops for these 24 Double IPA recipes.
  • Specialty IPA

AS the IPA revolution exploded, more and more hopped-up styles evolved. These styles share a trend of being hop-forward, firmly bitter beers with relatively dry finishes. 28 hoppy recipes are shared for Belgian IPA, Black IPA, Brettanomyces IPA, Red IPA, Rye IPA, Wheat IPA, and White IPA. Over 70+ pages on IPA everything from style guidance to brewing guidance to 101 homebrew recipes for you to try at your own brewery! If you love to brew or drink IPA you will love the best of BYO Magazine - IPA Style Guide.