Buderim Ginger Syrup


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Size: 10L 13 Kg

Budermin Ginger Syrup is a by-product from the completed sugar-infusion process. The syrup is adjusted to meet specifications, filtered and packed.

Suitable to add the unique ginger zest to beverages.

Ginger has a distinct flavour sweet and slightly peppery with a spicy aroma. A great addition to add a little extra flavour to your spiced rum, ready to drink hard ginger beer or late in the kettle for a naturally brewed hard ginger beer.

Uniqueness of ginger comes from its special compound: gingerol.  Ginger contains several compounds among which a mixture of zingerone, shogaols, gingerols and volatile oils are responsible for its characteristic odor and flavor.

Pack Size:

  • 10 Litre / 13 Kg Pails
  • 180 L / 245 Kg Drums (SAVE 27% OFF 10L/13Kg Price)
  • 1000 L / 1631 Kg Industrial Bulk Containers (pricing available upon request).


  • Cane Sugar, Water, Ginger (5%)

Product Analysis - Physical Characteristics:



Test Method

Texture Viscous liquid that is pourable at ambient temperatures. Contains small ginger fibres. Hand Cut
Odour Spicy ginger aroma, free from off odours Organoleptic
Flavour Characteristic sweet, spicy flavour, free from off flavours Organoleptic
Colour Due to natural variation, colour will range from light golden yellow to dark honey Visual Assessment

NB: Ginger is a natural product therefore can display variations from season to season. These variations can affect colour, flavour and odour. Whilst BGL endeavours to maintain product consistency, it cannot control these seasonal variations.

Product Analysis - Physical Characteristics:


Specification (Syrup)

Test method

Soluble solids (Brix) 72 – 75% Refractometer
pH 4.0 – 4.5 pH Meter
Sulphur dioxide <10ppm AOAC Method 990.28
Invert Sugar 24 – 34% AOAC Method 923.09

Storage Conditions & Shelf Life:

Recommended storage conditions: Cool & dry, away from heat sources, including sunlight, and contaminating odours.  Temp: 15 - 25C (59 - 77F).  Recommended freight conditions: DRY.  

Shelf Life: 1095 days from date of manufacture (unopened).  Opened product can be stored in its original packaging under refrigeration for the remainder of its shelf life.

Country of Origin:

  • Product of Australia