Challenger UK Hops

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Bag Size: 100 gm
Challenger features decent bitterness and a floral aroma and as such are considered fine for both bittering and/or for aroma additions and dry hopping. Her flavor is smooth with balanced floral characteristics, some citrus and a dash of spice.  Widely used in European brews, Challenger UK hops give off a rich aroma of cedar, green tea, spice, and a hint of fresh floral.  Mid range alpha acid content of 6.5% to 8.5%, the moderate bittering quality is a nice compliment to Challenger UK hops uniquely strong flavours.


  • Type 90 Pellets

Pack Sizes:

  • 100g
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Brewing Usage:

  • Aroma


Challenger was released in 1972 by Wye College in the UK. Its Aunt is Northdown and its Grandmother is Northern Brewer. It is a tall hop with good resistance to downy mildew but it is susceptible to powdery mildew and wilt. It has good growing characteristics, long slender cones and is high yielding. Its storage stability is good.


  • A spicy, cedar, green tea aroma with sweet floral flavour notes.

Bittering Characteristics:

As a bittering hop it provides a refreshing, full bodied rounded bitterness and as a late hop, it gives a very crisp and fruity character.

Style Guide:

  • Barley Wine
  • Belgian Blonde Ale
  • Belgian Ales
  • Bitter
  • Brown Ale
  • Pale Ale

English Brown Ale

  • Extra Special Bitter (ESB)
  • English Ales
  • Golden Ale
  • Porter
  • Red Ale
  • Stout

    Possible Substitutions:

    Technical Analysis Information:

    Crop Year: 2022 Batch: 22047 Alpha Acid 6.5% ON SPECIAL PRICE!

    Crop Year: 2023 Batch: 23128 Alpha Acid 7.1%

    • Alpha acid 6.5-9%
    • Beta acid 3.2-4.2%
    • Co-Humulone 20-25%
    • Total Oils 1-1.5%
    • Myrcene 30-42%
    • Humulene 25% of Total Oil
    • Caryophyllene 9.5% of Total Oil
    • Farnesene <1% of Total Oil