Crisp Light Crystal 150 Malt


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Size: 1 Kg

Crisp Light Crystal 150 Malt is a great malt for adding sweet, caramel flavour to Pale and Amber Ales, IPAs and bitters. The lower colour is due to the shorter kilning time and this maintains the sweetness with getting too intense with the caramel notes. It will bring deep red colour to the beers depending on how much is used.

To make Light Crystal 150 Malt Crisp increase the temperature further and the
endosperm darkens and flavours develop further. Think of Crystal Malts
like you would make caramel at home. With Light Crystal the crystalised sugars
present imparts an intense caramel flavour.  Light Crystal will also impart a
reddish hue to the beer and it works very well in Bitters and Ruby beers.
The number after the word Crystal refers to the EBC colour of the malt if you
mashed at 100% of the grain bill. To get a rough conversion to Lovibond, just
divide by two.

Pack Sizes:

  • 1 Kg Bag
  • 5 Kg Bag (SAVE 20% on 1Kg Price)
  • 25 Kg Sack (SAVE 20% on 1Kg Price)


  • Best Bitters
  • Bitters
  • IPA
  • Milds
  • Pale Ale

Usage Guidance:

  • Up to 10%

Batch Analysis

Typical Analysis






5.0% max

5.0% max

5.0% max

Extract 271 L°/kg 72.0% 72.0%


145-165 EBC

160-180 EBC

60-70 °L