Crisp No. 19 Floor Malted Maris Otter Malt


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Size: 5KG

Crisp Malting Group has a long and proud tradition of producing the highest quality floor malt which continues to this day with malt still being produced in our No.19 floor malting at Gt Ryburgh.

Our floor malting is one of only a handful still operating within the UK and the malt it produces is highly prized by brewers worldwide.

Floor malted Maris Otter® remains the quintessential ale brewing malt.

No. 19 Floor Malthouse

Malt has been produced on a floor Malthouse for hundreds of years and is a craft that exemplifies deep tradition, artistry and skill. Today, our No.19 Floor Malthouse is carefully handcrafting small batches of malt, using exactly the same techniques that have always been used on these floors.

Although traditional in nature, the malt produced in No.19 is subject to the same stringent process and quality control procedures as the malt produced in our modern malting plants.

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  • 5 Kg Bag
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